Fiera del Riso - Rice Festival 2015 in Isola della Scala

The tastiest appointment of the year in Verona!

From 16 September 2015 to 11 October 2015


At Isola della ScalaGourmets from all over Italy have started to lick their lips: from 16 September to 11 October 2015 Verona Events is proud to present one of the most anticipated food events in Veneto:  Fiera del Riso at Isola della Scala!

Now in its 49th edition, the event is committed to promoting and selling the famous Vialone Nano Veronese rice grown in the plains of Verona, which was the first in Europe in 1996 to achieve the prestigious brand of Protected Geographical Indication, known by the IGP symbol, from the European Union. As required by the regulations, there are only twenty municipalities in the province of Verona to produce this type of semi-fine rice. Ideal for the preparation of risotto, the main feature of the Vialone Nano is that it is grown in areas irrigated with spring water, in the northern part of the catchment area of the river Tartaro.

Which are the origins of the Festa del Riso at Isola della Scala which has now become one of the most popular events in the province of Verona? The first edition dates back to 1967, when the City Council decided to create an event designed to maintain 'garzega', a centuries-old custom according to which the owner of the rice paddy offered a hearty meal to his workers to celebrate the end of harvest. This ancient tradition is still alive in many areas of the Po Valley, where the culmination of the hard work of a whole season is celebrated throughout the Veneto with fairs and festivals.

Initially, the Isola della Scala Fiera del Riso took place on the Sunday after the first Friday of October and included a small booth where rice dishes and good wine were offered; the incredible success with the passing of the years has led the organization to increase the duration of the event from a weekend to almost a month!

Risitaly, one of the most visited fairs in the Veneto region, now has about 500,000 visitors with more than 150 exhibitors from all over Italy: in order to accommodate such a large number of guests, in 2011 the Palariso was inaugurated, a great open-space dedicated to Giorgio Zanotto - economist and politician who dedicated his life to the development of the area - with an original shape of rice grain.

The total exhibition area of the event is about 30,000 square meters and is composed of Palariso Palarisitaly and some marquees erected for the occasion.

A key feature of the Rice Festival near Verona at were offered of the Scala is the now famous zero kilometre: the rice used during the entire event is sown, cultivated and sold by family farms located in the surrounding areas, some even a few hundred metres from the exhibition itself!

The protagonist dish of the event and the most served dish at Sagra del Riso in Isola della Scala, is the 'Risotto all'Isolana', invented in 1967 by Knight Pietro Secchiati which, in 1985, became the official recipe through a resolution of Vittorino Stanzial, at the time mayor of Isola della Scala.

There are more than a hundred tasty recipes based on rice prepared each year by renowned chefs who will advise on the right combinations with the best wines from Verona, another pride of the Verona area: Risitaly 2015 awaits with paella, croquettes, sushi, pizzas and oven products made with rice flour and other delights that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

At the 49th edition of the Rice Fair at Isola della Scala, the program this year is really inviting and rich in events, particularly with the section devoted to competitions: during the V gastronomic 'Risotto Sommelier' Competition, organized by the Veneto branch of the Italian Sommelier association, the best combinations between risotto and typical Verona wines will be decided because as the old saying goes ... rice comes from the water and dies in wine!

Risitaly 2015 will also host the ninth edition of the 'Golden Rice' competition, during which some amateur cooks belonging to the Pro Loco Veronesi will compete in the preparation of risotto with vegetables typical of the area, and will be judged by a people's jury and by a jury of experts.

The Fair of Riso Isola della Scala - Verona, in recent years has proved very active in social work too: this year's edition includes, in addition to the usual presence of associations working to raise funds to support social, cultural and recreational causes, events intended to support various projects for charities and solidarity. One of these is the gastronomic competition 'A risotto without barriers for Telethon', where people with disabilities, aided by valuable assistants, will cook a recipe of their choice strictly based on Vialone Nano rice. You can participate to this important initiative, aimed at raising funds to help research on rare genetic diseases, in two ways: as part of the people's jury or simply giving your economic contribution. The program of the Fiera Riso Isola della Scala 2015 is really interesting!

At the Isola della Scala, the Rice Fair this year has a big surprise: the 1st National Competition Chicco d'Oro'. Organised by the Verona Chefs Association, the culinary competition will give 15 professional chefs an opportunity to put their dishes to a jury composed of journalists and judges that are part of the World Association of Chief Societies. Do not miss one of the most tantalizing events in the Province of Verona!

The Isola della Scala Festa del Riso - Rice Fair program 2015 will be enriched with the 'Top Show', during which some experts sommeliers belonging to the Association of Italian Sommeliers, will match each dish with the most suited wines. For the occasion there will be the best restaurateurs and chefs from around Italy: a treat for one of the best food and wine events in Veneto!

The Rice Fair has become one of the most important events in Verona today not only for the delicious rice dishes and fine wines served during its course, but also for the variety of events that are proposed: at Risitaly the program ranges from cultural events such as conventions and exhibitions, to entertaining shows for children and adults. There will also be the option to purchase, in addition to rice, gifts from the kitchen and tempting local products.

Among the festivals and fairs in the Veneto region in 2015, you should not miss the fantastic Fiera del Riso Verona! From 16 September to 11 October Scala della Scala awaits you with excellent risotto and tasting of typical products of the Veneto region. There will also spectacular shows, historical parades, sporting events and educational tours for younger visitors.

By booking one of our beautiful hotels, you can discover the beauties of Verona: Juliet's House, the Verona Arena, the Cathedral, the Scaliger Bridge and Castelvecchio are just a few that you can enjoy in the city of love!

Among the events in the province of Verona in the program this year, do not miss the 49th edition of the Festa del Riso a Isola della Scala!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 16 September 2015 to 11 October 2015

Event location: Isola Della Scala (Vr)

Contacts: for information visit the official website

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