Fiera dellOca in Mirano 2013

From 09 November 2013 to 10 November 2013

On 9 and 10 November there will be one of the most popular Venice festivals 2013 - Veneto Province: The Gioco dellOca in Mirano 2013, with its famous 'Goose Game'.

The Gioco dell'Oca in Mirano is a tradition that has been repeated for several years now and is one of the most anticipated and fascinating festivals in Veneto, Italy which is usually scheduled for the weekend closest to the festival of St. Martino.With a picturesque setting of the early 1900s, the festa dell'oca in Mirano offers a journey through time to discover a genuine everyday life of simplicity and small gestures.

Considered one of the most important Veneto festivals in the Province of Venice in the autumn, the festa dell'oca Mirano 2013 brings to life the ancient custom of the festival of the goose, which was held on November 11 to celebrate the end of agricultural year. The event was usually enjoyed by eating goose and the Mirano festival honours this tradition by organizing a charming old festival which includes the famous goose game of Mirano Venice, Italy.

The origin of the Mirano festival of St. Martino dates back to the late seventies when a contractor in the area, curious and attentive to traditions and folklore of the past, invented a funny goose game focused on characters, facts, history and traditions of Mirano. The painter Carlo Preti gave life to his idea by designing a board game tailored to the square of Mirano: 63 squares, 8 incidents and 13 geese with beautiful depictions of Mirano to frame the whole thing. In 1998, the creation by Preti was developed: raised tables were positioned with a long walkway to enable live players in costume to play the game.

During the weekend of the Mirano gioco dell'oca festival you can take part in one of the most fascinating autumn festivals in Veneto! The zogo dell'oca Mirano 2013 is an occasion to go back in time: signboards, decorations and flags of the past adorn the town centre streets, and it is easy to see people dressed in clothes and accessories of the early twentieth century.

The zogo dell'oca game in Mirano 2013 will be held as usual on Sunday. To watch the event you can find a place in the big grandstands erected around the game; and on Saturday there will be puppets, storytelling and games for children.

For the entire weekend of the gioco dell'oca Mirano festival the traditional market will also open - the Ocaria - which has a vast assortment of products, many of which are dedicated just to the protagonist of the fair, the goose. Dancers, street performers, music and a unique early-century amusement park will conclude the extensive program of the festa dellocca in Mirano 2013.

And do not forget the tasty food and wine on offer at the festa dell'oca in Mirano: delicacies of all kinds, based on goose, can be enjoyed directly on site during the event, or you can book one of the special menus based on goose offered by the many restaurants in the area throughout the week of the festival of gioco dell'oca in Mirano 2013.

Do not miss one of the most fascinating festivals in Veneto in November! The market and the original zogo de l'oca of Mirano in 2013 await you on 9 and 10 November!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 09 November 2013 to 10 November 2013

Event location: Mirano (Venezia)

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