Folklore Europeade: from 11 to 15th July 2012 Padova will become the capital of folklore in Europe.

From 11 July 2012 to 15 July 2012

The Europeade, the international folk festival, brings traditions and folklore from one city to another, moving every year to a different nation of Europe. This year the festival, in its 49th edition, will take place from the 11th to the 15th of July in Padova, raising this Venetian city to role of capital of Folklore in Europe.

The last edition of this extraordinary festival, at Tartu in Estonia, saw the participation of 250 groups, representing the folklore of all of Europe. They were enthusiastic to reach Padova for the 2012 edition, a city they know and appreciate for its artistic beauty and its large importance from a cultural and religious point of view. Due to the great following that the event has enjoyed since its very beginning, a record participation from all over Europe is expected in Padova.

The origins of Europeade date back to 1964 when Mon De Clopper, founder of the Flemish artistic movement, together with a few co-workers, organised the first folk festival at Anversa. Already in its first edition the festival managed to gather half of Europe: Flemish, Dutch, English, French, Germans, Ukrainian, Yugoslavs and Polish sang and danced pieces of their own tradition whilst remaining conscious of their uniqueness and appreciating and respecting the folklore of the other populations of Europe. From the very beginning popular culture had a prominent role in bonding the nations together and, to encourage the development of this bond, the folk art and the unity of the nations in Europe was put on centre stage and also in the following editions of the folk festival.

Europeade has therefore become a festival of voices, colours, sounds and traditions and every year it brings to a different city in Europe thousands of people who, wearing their best traditional European costumes, meet to present their folklore and create a unique and magical atmosphere. Spain, France, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Poland and Russia: the whole Europe is invited to Padova to participate to this big festival in the name of folklore and friendship, creating a unique moment of companionship and to exchange different experiences and knowledge.

The organisation of the folk Europeade in Padova is in the hands of an international committee, formed by the representatives of the various European nations, who have appointed an organizing committee for the organization of all the local activities. The groups arriving from all over Europe, with a maximum of 4.400 participators, will be accommodated at Exhibition Centre in Padova.

The five days of this festival include a packed programme, with shows and gatherings taking place in various streets in the centre of Padua and in Prato della Valle. How can you miss this big celebration? The 49th folk Europeade is waiting for you in Padova to discover the traditions of the populations of the whole of Europe with songs and dances!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 11 July 2012 to 15 July 2012

Event location: Padova

Contacts: Organizing Comitee Europeade in Padovac/o Comune di Padova - Palazzo Moroni, via del Municipio, 135122 Padova Italy --- e-mail: ---