'Food and water' Exhibition in Venice

The Doge's Palace is staging the secular history of civilization of Venetian food

From 26 September 2015 to 14 February 2016

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Following the theme of EXPO 2015 'Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life', the Doge's Palace will host the exhibition entitled 'Acqua e Cibo a Venezia' ('Food and water. A history of the Lagoon and the City'), which will be open to the public from 26 September 2015 to 14 February 2016.

In what is considered one of the most interesting exhibitions in Venice from September 2015, the ancient naval maps, tables and recordings supported by modern digital creations, will tell how the water has represented, over the centuries, a main element for subsistence, production and flourishing of Venetian lands.

The Venice Republic, a very important crossroads of trade and cultural exchanges with the rich East for many centuries, has been able to turn water, initially deemed an obstacle to its development, into the cornerstone for the construction of what would soon become a veritable empire.

The exhibition of acqua e cibo at the Doge's Palace is the rereading, in a modern way, of the famous exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi in 1970 entitled 'Historical Exhibition of the Venice Lagoon': there are more than one hundred works on display - iconographic documents, nautical maps and engraved plates - from the most important Venetian collections such as the Marciana Library, Querini Stampalia Foundation, State Archives, the Civic Museums Foundation, the Academy Galleries and the Historical Institute of Culture of the Corps of Engineers of Rome.

The added value of the new Venice exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale is represented by modern interactive contributions made by young researchers at the University of Venice: these are reconstructions, video projections of 3D models of the Venetian lagoon, digital stories of paintings and other works, which accompany visitors on a journey into the past, with a highly emotional and suggestive impact. Do not miss one of the most original exhibitions of acqua e cibo at Palazzo Ducale!

In order to highlight the peculiarities of Venice and the constant commitment of its people to develop it into what is considered today the most beautiful city in the world, the exhibition of 'food and water exhibition in Venice' will be divided into five distinct sections.

The first, entitled 'The lagoon is transformed', will explain the numerous water projects that, over the years, have transformed the Venice area, and significantly changed not only the development of crops, fisheries and consequently food production, but also the roads to and from the mainland, the fundamental places of exchange and distribution of goods.

The section will feature the exhibition of large graphic maps such as the 'Design of the lagoon of Venice', made in 1763 by Admiral Anzolo Emo.

The second section of the most anticipated among the exhibitions in Venice in 2015,'Food and water in the Lagoon and on the mainland', on the one hand illustrates the difficulties of food production on land surrounded by salt water, on the other offers a portrait of fishermen, greengrocers and pastry makers, the typical figures of the old Venetian world. Emblem of this section of the exhibition 'Acqua e cibo' at the Palazzo Ducale will be the famous painting 'The Creation of the Animals' (1550-1553), in which Jacopo Tintoretto illustrates the wide variety of fish and birds in the amphibious Venetian area.

The third section, 'Banquets, parades, games and parties', boasts some paintings by Venetian artists that highlight the relationship between food and society: the spotlight will be not only the festivals, the religious festivals and popular games but also banquets in luxury palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, as evidenced by the oil painting by Pietro Longhi 'Feast in the House of Nani on the Giudecca' (1775), exposed in this extraordinary exhibition in Venice, Palazzo Ducale.

The art, food and Water exhibition in Venice continues with the architecture section, highlighting places of gathering and distribution of food such as hospitals, monasteries, military garrisons and taverns. The large exposed material tells the trading system and the many rules that characterized the life of the inhabitants of Venice and which guaranteed their prosperity and wealth.

The highlight of the section 'Architecture and Nutrition' is a faithful reconstruction of the Cantina Do Spade, still active in the San Polo district, where visitors will play the role of a typical client who, in 1754, asked for hospitality at the inn.

At the Venice - Exhibitions 2015, the acqua e cibo a Venezia display will end with the section 'In the midst of water / without water', where the great difficulties in water supply will be displayed... a real paradox when you consider that Venice is surrounded exclusively by water! Numerous iconographic and cartographic images illustrate in detail the complicated transportation of drinking water from the mainland to the lagoon over the centuries.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the exhibitions in Venice of Acqua e Cibo at the Palazzo Ducale. History of the Lagoon and the City: the magnificent art exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale, will be open to the public from 26 September 2015 to 14 February 2016, with a press conference scheduled for Friday, 25 September at midday.

Venice exhibitions in September, produced by the Foundation of Venice Civic Museums Foundation of Venice, is a tribute to the Expo 2015, where the redistribution of food resources, the sustainability of production processes and ethnic exchanges between very different culinary identities are treated as issues of tremendous importance.

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Palazzo Ducale - exhibitions in Venice from September 2015 presents:

'WATER AND FOOD', a history of the Lagoon and the City

DATES: from 26 September 2015 to 14 February 2016

LOCATION: Venice - Doge's Palace


from 26 to 31 October: 8:30am to 7pm (entry until 6pm)

from 1 November  to 14 February: 8:30am to 5:30pm (admission until 4:30pm)

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