Forms of the Modern

From 09 March 2010 to 18 July 2010

Forms of the modern. Sculptures in Ca Pesaro. From Medardo Rosso to Viani, from Rodin to Arturo Martini. Ca Pesaro, a magnificent palace designed by Baldassarre Longhena for the noble family of Pesaro and today the city of Venice museum of Modern Art and museum of Oriental Art, is hosting this prestigious exhibition that will present an unprecedented rearrangement of thirty of its resident pieces, combined in unexpected ways, that open up new doors into the way visitors cananalyze and interpret them. The exhibition will be arranged over both the downstairs sumptuous entrance and the bright monumental first floor. Several intriguing combinations of sculptures and paintings will be shown, amongst them the magnificent Giulio Aristide Sartorios The cycle of life, occupying over 240 square meters, to demonstrate that the interaction between expressions and forms remain always productive and can in turn communicate with the surrounding spaces.

The display in Forms of the Modern will follow a path of evolution that begins in the Longhena designed entrance hall with sculpture representations of the human body, consisting of six grand pieces from different periods and different expressions, exemplifying the double masculine and feminine nature of the human body. On the second floor, sculptures proceed instead in a linear fashion towards the prevalence of the matter.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff