Franco Corrocher: Paintings and sculpture

From 23 May 2008 to 15 June 2008

Friday 23 May at 6p.m. sees the opening of the exhibition Ritorno (Return) by the Treviso-based artist Franco Corrocher at the church of SS. Ambrogio e Bellino, The exhibition will be shared between the church, which houses the pictorial works, and the Cogollo house (known as dal Palladio) displays the sculpture. Those present will include the spokesman for cultural activities, Matteo Quero, and the critic Paolo Levi who will give a profile of the artist and his work. The exhibition reveals the versatility of Franco Corrocher as both painter and sculptor. A graduate in Architecture from the University of Venice he also studied at the International school of graphic design and the Academy of Art. A teacher of engraving and painting, and expert watercolourist, Corrocher presents at the church of SS. Ambrogio e Bellino a unified work comprising 12 large aluminium-framed panels into which are inserted pictorial images of a much smaller size, thus creating a striking contrast. The images are computer-manipulated photographs overlaid with paint. The sequence of panels shows a woman surrounded by electronic light reflected in the water of a basin and mirror. The floor is strewn with wheat, symbol of life, which the public will trample over. The exhibition continues in the Palladio House with a mysterious-looking installation: Small iron rods protrude from the wheat, appearing to grow from it, and are surmounted with tiny stone figures representing the life cycle. As Paolo Levi affirms, Corrochers work revolves around the dichotomy between good and evil, matter and spirit, thus approaching the eternal unresolved themes inherent in our lives through highly complex expressive works, works to confront and meditate upon, in the knowledge that no part of them is ever gratuitous, and no moment of their creation is a product of mere chance.

The exhibition is organised by the Comunes Department of Cultural Activities, with the assistance of the Veneto Region, and is open from 24 May to 15 June (Church of SS. Ambrogio e Bellino: Thursdays and Fridays 15.00-19.00; Saturdays and Sundays 10.30-13.00/15.00-19.00; Palladio House: 10.30-13.00/15.00-19.00 closed Mondays; entrance free).

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 23 May 2008 to 15 June 2008

Event location: Vicenza

Contacts: Tel. 0444.222114