From Hell to Heaven

28 June 2008

The symphonic rock opera inspired by Dantes Divine ComedyAfter its premiere in January at the Teatro Verdi in Padova, the rock opera From Hell to Heaven inspired by Dantes Divine Comedy moves to the Ampitheatre at Castello dEste. Two local musicians, Andrea Bezzon and Andrea Guarnirei, have taken some of the most famous cantos of Dante and with their unending enthusiasm for art and versatility have arranged them, combining the power of rock, the electricity of new age and the dolcezza of classical music (with choir and orchestra conducted by Fabrizio Castania) to create a truly grand show. The two creators define it as a musical voyage from Hell to Heaven, where our emotions are hidden.

Dante Alighieri and his Divine Comedy have been the inspiration for countless tales, ballets and works of experimental theatre, but until now no-one has thought of using it for a rock opera, where musical notes rather than words recreate the characters and their histories in Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Dantes going astray and consequent anxiety in the dark woods, his melancholy love for Beatrice, and the final joyous encounter with God are all recreated in an unforgettable spectacle of music, choreography and lights together with the famous images of Gustave Dor.

Concert begins 9.15p.m.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff