Genghis Khan and the treasures of Mongols

From 20 October 2007 to 04 May 2008

From 20 October 2007 until 04/05/2008 at Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso. The prestigious exhibition Genghis Khan and the treasures of the Mongols, which takes places among the series of exhibitions The Silk Road and Chinese Civilisation. With the epoch of the Mongolian dynasty we embark on a journey through a little-known age of Chinas history, and one which, regarding archaeological findings, remains absolutely unkown in the West. Three Dynasties founded by an ethnic minority of non-Chinese, of Tartar-Mongol origin, which dominated the historical arena of China from the 10th century, when the fall of Tang in 907 produced a collapse which generted repercussions and instability until the rise of the descendants of Genghis Khan.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff