Gino Paolo and the Veneto Soloists in concert

03 December 2010

The symbol of the Genova school of song authors as well as one of the most important artists of the Italian music world, Gino Paoli meets the sophisticated orchestra productions of the Veneto Soloists and their director Claudio Scimone. A unique event that goes beyond the confines of Italy and that all music aficionados will be able to attend to on December 3rd at the Teatro Geox in Padova.

The unusual coming together of Paolo and the little-known orchestra from Padova, founded by Mr Scimone himself over 50 years ago, has immediately sparkled a bout of enthusiasm: two worlds that have in common a detailed attention for melody and that together are able to tear down all barriers in the name of beautiful music. Both Paoli and Scimone have worked on an ambitious, but at the same time, concrete project aimed at putting together a concert that will appear as a unique and harmonious event, where songs meet classical music and become themselves new representations of the same great emotion.

The song listing is expected to be like a Rossini crescendo, where the voice and the ever-present piano of Paoli will be accompanied first by the singers band and then by the 20-plus musicians of the Veneto Soloists.

The audience will be delighted with the best-known productions of Gino Paoli, whose writing qualities will be augmented by the presence of the orchestra: one only has to think of Il cielo in una stanza with the accompaniment of the strings of the Veneto Soloists.

The concert, in two sections, will also have a dedicated moment for Scimones orchestra, which has so far played over 5000 concerts around the world and will be the counter protagonist of a concert that will be enjoyed by all. At the age of 76 Gino Paoli is again on stage with great energy and ready to duet with the orchestra: a sophisticated event presented as a national premiere at the Gran Teatro Geox.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff