Gioco dell'Oca: Mirano 2012 the traditional zogo delloca festival of St. Martin is back

From 10 November 2012 to 11 November 2012


On 10 and 11 November, one of the most popular events in Venice, the Gioco dell'Oca in Mirano returns.

The festa dell'oca in Veneto has become one of the most anticipated Veneto festivals with its genuine atmosphere of the early twentieth century; the gioco dell'oca mirano is part of the lively celebrations for St. Martins festa dell'Oca in Mirano 2012.

The festa dell'oca in the town of Mirano is held usually on the second weekend of November and revives an old tradition of St. Martin's Day: festa dell'oca. In fact, 11 November marked the end of the year of agriculture, in Mirano, Italy in the Veneto countryside and it was customary to celebrate the event by eating a goose. The modern festa dell'oca originated from this ancient custom. It also includes in its rich program the famous zogo dell'Oca in Mirano.

For an entire weekend St Martinos festa dell'Oca in Mirano recreates a fascinating festival from the 19th century, to give children and adults a fascinating journey in the twentieth century, the discovery of forgotten days, when fairs were one of the most important events year, and precious opportunity to meet and exchange.

In the late seventies an entrepreneur from Mirano, who was always attentive to the traditions and folklore of his town, decided to design a Zogo dell'Oca of Mirano which represent characters, facts, and history with a vein of humour. His idea was elaborated by the painter Carlo Preti who designed a table for the board game tailored to the square of Mirano, with 63 boxes, 13 geese, 8 incidents and beautiful depictions of Mirano in different boxes. In 1998 Pretis work was transferred on large boards raised from the ground, creating a long walkway on which costumed characters could play. To assist the public and the inhabitants of Mirano with Zogo dell'Oca, grandstands with many seats are erected all around the square.With ad hoc sets and costumed characters during the weekend of the St Martinos festa dell'Oca in Mirano everything goes back in time: decorated with banners, flags and banners of the past, the Goose Fair also involves the inhabitants who, for the occasion, wear old clothes and accessories of their family coming into harmony with the spirit of the ancient festa dell'Oca in Mirano.

During the Sunday, in the centre of Mirano, the Zogo dell'Oca is the most intense moment of the event: at the Zogo dell'Oca in Mirano 2012, for the first time, there will also be dancers, who will attempt to involve the public in the typical dances of the time, games and a real funfair of the beginning of the century.

Another very popular event of this great fair in the Province of Venice is the market which, like the characteristic village markets, offers an interesting collection of objects of various kinds ... with a wide range of products dedicated to the goose, and even food.

Among stalls, traditional delicacies and actors with original vintage clothing the Fiera dell'Oca in Mirano is considered one of the most fascinating Veneto festivals: the evocative atmosphere you can feel during the Fiera dell'Oca in Mirano, typical of an exhibition of the early twentieth century, with lots of street performers, jugglers and music, is a thrill you will never forget!To fully experience this fascinating historical re-enactment, find now your base to stay in Mirano and have an unforgettable historical weekend!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff