Giorgia in Spirito Libero Tour 2009

09 May 2009

Coneglianos new Zoppas arena will soon be hosting the first date of the talented singer Giorgia. The tour will be a live performance of the triple CD Spirito Libero, viaggi di voce 1992 2008 Which came out last November: a retrospective over 15 years of songs, some newly-interpreted according to Giorgias current tastes.

As well as the single Per fare a meno di te co-written by Giorgia and Fabrizio Campanelli and used in the soundtrack of the recent filmSolo un padre, the album also contains three previously unreleased tracks: Via col vento, Farei di tutto and Lacrime amare.

Giorgias international success confirms her as one of the most talented and passionate singers of her generation. The album moves through a wide variety of styles, from rock to blues, funk to pop, highlighting the wonderful diversity of Giorgias voice.

Ticket pricesStalls numbered 45,00Gallery numbered 36,00Unnumbered seating 28,00 Standing 20,00Prices do not include possible booking or online charges.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff