Giorgione in Padova. The cart enigma

From 16 October 2010 to 16 January 2011

The exhibition Giorgione in Padova. The cart enigma displays 50 pieces and aims at tracing the rapports that existed between Giorgione and the city of the Carraresi, taking inspiration from the coat of arms of this noble family from Padova, which can be seen on the gate in the famous painting La tempesta, for this occasion part of the exhibition. This is a unique, original and at the same time fascinating project that looks at some of the works of Zorzi de Castelfranco under the point of view of the city of Padova. Zorzi de Castelfranco was another name for Giorgione, given to him by Marcantonio Michiel, who gave us the only little certain information available about the painting mentioned above. The tempesta has received all possible kinds of readings, with episodes from the Bible, philosophical doctrines, and allegories of all kinds having been attributed to it. Nonetheless, none of these can fully delve into the truth behind the depicted landscape (it is said to be the first in the history of Western world a fantastic representation that is touching in a slightly disturbing way, the real world. The exhibition brings to light the cultural affinities that linked the Master with Padova, and suggests that mutual influences existed, amongst them the collaboration that started with the Padua etcher Giulio Campagnola (whose Petrarca Queriniano will be on display) and with Copernico, who worked here from 1501 to 1503. The figure of Copernico and the astronomical and geographic knowledge of the time (presented by Giorgione in the famous painting of Castelfranco) are a further crucial point of the exhibition. There will in fact be on display fascinating scientific instruments and original texts from the beginning of the 16th century that prove that the solar centric theory was elaborated between Padova and Venice.

Opening times:9.00 19.00Closed on: Mondays, Christmas and Boxing Day, New Years Eve.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 16 October 2010 to 16 January 2011

Event location: Musei Civici EremitaniPadova