'Giovanni Fattori ' at Palazzo Zabarella

A major retrospective on the artistic career of the famous painter

From 24 October 2015 to 28 March 2016


The return of the great Padova exhibition in 2015! From 24 October 2015 to 28 March 2016, Palazzo Zabarella in Padova will host the works of Giovanni Fattori, the great painter from Livorno who is considered the leader of the famous Macchiaioli art movement. Giovanni Fattori's paintings - from monumental works to the famous small ones, from the beautiful portraits to peasantry everyday scenes - will present to the public the great protagonists of the naturalism of the end 1800s, creating one of the most exciting Padua events.  

The over one hundred works on display in this extraordinary Padua exhibition, edited by three leading experts namely, Giuliano Matteucci, Francesca Dini and Fernando Mazzocca, will rebuild the compelling artistic journey of Giovanni Fattori, which saw him try, with great success, different genres and themes. Versatility is one of the main characteristics of this artist, who was able to switch easily from landscapes, where he proved to be one of the greatest performers, to portraits, with results nothing short of amazing, and to the narrative of contemporary history, becoming a precious witness to scenes of everyday life of ordinary people, where he was able to express the problems and the feelings of that time.  

The itinerary of the Padova exhibition at Palazzo Zabarella Padua allows one to retrace the entire artistic career of Giovanni Fattori, starting from the small paintings he made when the Macchiaioli movement was in full swing, such as 'La Rotonda Palmeri' dated from 1866, through works of great format where the artist narrates the historical, social and cultural transformations of our country, such as the great battles of the Risorgimento era or the hard life of the population in Maremma, to the experiments with new iconographic forms where the degree of realism achieved allowed Fattori to be compared to the greatest solitary geniuses like Cezanne or Courbet.  

In addition to the extraordinary painting skills just praised, Giovanni Fattori was also a great printmaker, as evidenced by the sheets engraved with etching on zinc present at the Palazzo Zabarella mostra. Despite the late start of his activities in this field, Fattori was able to quickly reach a very high level from the point of view of style and from a technical standpoint.  

The protagonist of this interesting exhibition of Padova at Palazzo Zabarella, Giovanni Fattori (1825 - 1908) was born in Livorno. In his early twenties he moved to Florence to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, where he joined the group of Michelangelo Cafe, the home of the so-called 'Revolution of the Spot'. And in this period he further developed his painting skills, which made him one of the greatest artists in Europe. What sets him apart from other 'Macchiaioli' is his strong personality which, coupled with an independent spirit, led him to make very courageous artistic choices for that period.  

In his dramatic works 'In vedetta' (The White Wall)' and 'Lo Staffato', Fattori interprets perfectly the mood of our nation, strongly disappointed at not being able to realize the ideals in which the new generations had believed. Paintings by Giovanni Fattori are often compared to the great artists of the 15th century, such as Goya, Paolo Uccello and Beato Angelico.   Throughout his life, Giovanni Fattori often returned to his hometown and in nearby Castiglioncello, one of the places favoured by the 'Macchiaioli' group. Ultimate site of the artist was the wild land of the Maremma, which, thanks to the splendid masterpieces made by Fattori in the last years of his career, has become a myth, like Gauguin's Polynesia or Cézanne's Provence.  

The Bano Foundation, for years engaged in the promotion and appreciation of Italian art in the 1800s and 1900s, wanted to put together this fantastic anthology to revive the public figure of Giovanni Fattori, one of the most expressive and innovative artists in the European landscape of the late 19th century.  

Giovanni Fattori exhibition is considered one of the most important in Italy for 2015, at the Palazzo Zabarella in Padova from 24 October to 28 March 2016.
And if you have a few days at your disposal, book one of our hotels, stroll through the old town and visit the Chapel of the Scrovegni, Prato della Valle, the Basilica of Saint Anthony and many other beautiful places in the city of Padua.  

The calendar of Padua events 2015 at Palazzo Zabarella is enriched with another unmissable event!  


Zabarella Palace - 2015 exhibitions  presents 'Giovanni Fattori'  

Date: 24 October 2015 from 28 March 2016  

Location: Padua - Palazzo Zabarella

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Period: From 24 October 2015 to 28 March 2016

Event location: Padova

Contacts: Opening times and info website www.zabarella.it