Giuseppe De Nittis in Padova Palazzo Zabarella

From 19 January 2013 to 26 May 2013

At De Nittis Padova Palazzo Zabarella, the Padova events 2013 will follow the theme of the major exhibitions hosted in recent years, dedicated to the charm of 19th century Italian paintings.

Given the success of these great events, Giuseppe De Nittis paintings represents the extraordinary opening of the exhibitions at Palazzo Zabarella Padova in 2013. As a reference to the recent exhibition at Petit Palais, the exhibition of De Nittis paintings in Padua wants to provide additional insights for the understanding of this great European artist of the nineteenth century presenting some of Giuseppe De Nittis not present in Paris.

Regarded as one of the most important exhibitions ever devoted to the De Nittis artist and as one of the most fascinating Padua, Italy events in 2013, from 19 January to 26 May palazzo Zabarella Padova will host 120 beautiful Giuseppe De Nittiss paintings. De Nittis in Padova will display works from prestigious museums and public collections in France and Italy, as well as the Art Gallery 'Giuseppe De Nittis' Barletta - with paintings donated by his widow after the untimely death of the artist - the Carnavalet Museum in Paris, the Modern Art Gallery and the Pitti Palace in Florence, the Modern Art Gallery in Milan, the International Modern Art Gallery of Ca 'Pesaro in Venice and many others.

After fascinating Paris at the end of the nineteenth century when 11 works were presented at the Universal Exhibition of 1878 - Palazzo Zabarella, Padova De Nittis paintings are preparing to finally conquer the Italian public.

Coveted by the biggest international collectors and critically acclaimed, De Nittis paintings were able to capture the new elements of French impressionism and interpret them with the artists taste and sensitive personality and reach with them with the autonomy of art at the base of modernity. A successful Italian in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century.

This success was achieved with determination and loneliness: Giuseppe De Nittis had the classic life like many other artists. Raised by his grandparents and opposed by the family who considered art a vocation for time wasters, Giuseppe De Nittis still managed to attend the School of Painting in Naples and moved to Florence, where he metà Macchiaioli. At the age of 21 he moved to Paris, where he found love and was regarded as a professional artist; apart from some short stays in London, the French capital became his home until his untimely death at just 38 years old.

From his works it is possible to understand the sensitivity of Giuseppe De Nittis paintings, an art that mixes Macchiaioli with the new elements of Impressionism and suggestive Japanese influences in various topics, from portraits to interior scenes - the most acclaimed of De Nittis paintings include: The salon of Princess Mathilde, 1883 - up to en plein air views and the bustle of city life. The works of Giuseppe De Nittis speak of a changing world, portrayed with psychological shades and with the unique sophistication that characterizes the painting of this great artist.

In the splendid setting of Palazzo Zabarella in Padova, the extraordinary art of Giuseppe De Nittis brings back to life the spirit and the intensity of the exciting atmosphere of the late nineteenth century, thanks to an unprecedented exhibition, which highlights the uniqueness of this great artist capable of conveying emotions whilst combining Italian tradition with new European art.

From the French skies to the English fog to Vesuvius scenarios, through the hustle and bustle of outdoor Parisian life or in the most exclusive lounges: the works of Giuseppe De Nittis at Padua Italy events represent a fascinating journey through faraway places and atmospheres that have almost been forgotten... Do not miss this great Padua event and use the opportunity to book one of the many base to stay in Padua and give you a few days in this beautiful city!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff