Granfondo Marciabianca Enego

24 February 2013

Excitement awaits one of the biggest sporting events in Italy 2013 in the province of Vicenza: Granfondo Marciabianca! On 24 February 2013 Marciabianca 2013, one of the oldest and most famous cross-country skiing races in the Veneto region, is now in its 41st edition.

Founded in 1973, the Granfondo Marciabianca is a cross-country skiing Marathon race of 50 km or 25 km. Known and appreciated at an international level, the Marciabianca of Enengo is counted among the most important sports events in Italy, part of the national calendar of the Italian Winter Sports Federation.

The historical location of Marciabianca, Marcesina is mostly in the municipality of Enego. La Piana di Marcesina is famous for its picturesque scenery and record temperatures, thus it has received the Finland of Italy nickname.

In addition to being known as the coldest place in the Veneto region of Italy, although it is at an altitude of just 1400 m, Marcesina is of considerable importance in terms of historical and natural interest.

The driving forces of Marciabianca are the sports clubs and volunteers from Enego, who have in recent years been joined by Studio RX - Services for the sport of Marostica and by asd B-Sport, both with extensive experience in the organization of sporting events.

La Marciabianca ... c!' has been the slogan for several years now which accompanies the famous ski race in Enego, a way to restore radiance and visibility in one of the biggest sporting events in Italy, in the Veneto region with the participation of important national and international athletes.

The Marciabianca Marcesina route confirms the double distances of 25 and 50 km, free technique and single ring. Athletes will have the opportunity to directly evaluate during the race whether to complete the 25 or 50 km, without having to choose in advance on enrolment, thanks to an innovative technology chip for sports timing that will allow athletes to be included in a ranked or the other by virtue of various controlled places along the route. Athletes who compete in the Marciabianca will be able to compete with the same race bib without distinction being based on the distance travelled.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 24 February 2013

Event location: Enego and Piana di Marcesina

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