Hair - The Musical

From 04 November 2008 to 05 November 2008

A virtuoso production brought to you by the Teatro Colosseo of Turin, the Teatro Politeama Genovese and the Teatro Smeraldo of Milan: Hair, the musical, one of the first rock opera, returns to enliven the soul with its vibrant message. The spoken parts are in Italian though the unforgettable songs, now a part of popular music history, are preserved in the original language, though with the added enhancement of a sensitive reinterpretation by the extraordinary talent of the singer Elisa. The cast is a mix of Italian and American young talent, choreography is by the American David Parsons, and the production is directed by Giampiero Solari.

At once a ritual, an ecstatic celebration, a protest, a happening, a comedy, a tragedy..Hair breaks all the rules of theatre as its hippy protagonists break all the social norms. Though over 40 years have passed since its Broadway premier in 1968, the first and foremost Love Rock Musical still preserves its musical force and freshness, bringing to stages all around the world its message of love and peace. Hair still addresses themes of the highest relevance today: protest against war, intolerance, brutality and the dehumanising of society. Love, happiness, and freedom are offered as the alternative. Its message reaches all generations and cultures to become a universal gospel. The production is part of the new season of Cultura In Scena 2008.

Tickets 10 available through all branches of Filiali Cariparo della Provincia di Padua and at box office on evening of performances.

Proceeds go to the associations DOWN D.



I. and the voluntary organisation Marcellino Vais.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff