Henry Hargreaves, NO SECONDS - Comfort Food and Fotografia Museo della Follia - San Servolo, Venezia

From 07 September 2013 to 24 November 2013

The most extravagant photographic Venice exhibition 2013 will open on 7 September: 'Henry Hargreaves, NO SECONDS - Comfort Food and Photography'.

Part of San Servolo eventi, the exhibition No Seconds Henry Hargreaves will have San Servolo as its fascinating background, the notorious island known for over 200 years as the San Servolo insane asylum and now housing the Museum of Madness. A highly suggestive location and not included in the usual tourist itineraries of Venice.

The first Henry Hargreaves photo exhibition of the New Zealand photographer to cross the borders of the United States, 'No Seconds - Comfort Food and Photography' will offer the opportunity to approach the extravagant Henry Hargreaves photography, a former model who successfully passed on the other side of the camera, known and appreciated for his research on the relationship between food and photography.

Until 24 November 2013, the Museo della Follia in San Servolo, will host one of the most fascinating photography exhibitions in Venice in recent years, driven by events dedicated to the high standard of cuisine and a unique video contest open to all.

Funny and provocative but also intense and original: the Henry Hargreaves gallery with a fried ipad and iphone, burnt pizzas or rainbow burgers has now been around the world. The different works presented at the exhibit in San Servolo - No Seconds and Band Riders - are focused on the concept of comfort food, food, and dishes that touch the soul and console giving comfort and strength. A deep existential investigation that begins with a photograph to capture a fleeting feeling of pleasure linked to food and memories that may result from a single dish or food.

An unprecedented Venice photo exhibition split between the side porch on the ground floor, which will host a retrospective section and photographs by Henry Hargreaves artist 'Band Riders' - that immortalize some extravagant requests from famous stars before the stage - and the spaces of the Museo della Follia San Servolo in Venezia on the first floor featuring photographs of 'No Seconds'.

Thanks to the photos of 'No Seconds' a series by Henry Hargreaves who has immortalized the last suppers of some prisoners on death row in American prisons, the link between San Servolo insame asylum and photographs become more intense, calling to mind of the visitors a melancholic concept of imprisonment.

Promoted by ArtMovie and ItalianaComunicazione, with the support and collaboration of the Province of Venice, the Fondation San Servolo IRSESC - Institute for Research and Studies on Social and Cultural Services and the Society of St. Servolo, this unprecedented photography exhibition in Venice in the sign of comfort food combines exposure, moments of reflection and culinary experiences with prestigious guests.

This photo exhibition in Venice under the supervision of the food designer Rosita Dorigo, the renowned chefs Andy Luotto and Pietro Leemann will propose some food concepts related to the theme of the exhibition, while the contest 'The Last Wish' will allow everyone to upload to the site of the exhibition an introspective micro video on their 'last wish' dish. The three food video makers who best interpret the theme will reach the Museo della Follia a San Servolo (Venezia) for the final event of 'Henry Hargreaves, NO SECONDS - Comfort Food and Photography where assisted by a team of professionals, will present to the public their soul plate.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 07 September 2013 to 24 November 2013

Event location: Museo della Follia Isola di San Servolo, Venice

Contacts: For more information about Henry Hargreaves, NO SECONDS - Comfort Food and Photography: events.artmovie.it