Hidden Truths. Tales and connections in 16th century paintings in Veneto

From 18 February 2011 to 19 June 2011

A great exhibition of 16th century Venetian paintings is coming to Conegliano. After the recent and highly acclaimed exhibition on the local famous painter Giambattista Cima, aptly known as Cima da Conegliano, here is a new event at Palazzo Sarcinelli that promises to bring together immortal works from the Italian Renaissance: Cima himself, Giorgione and Tiziano will be some of the famous representatives of the Veneto School from this artistic period that will be on show, but there will be additional artists to substantiate the meaning attached to the intriguing name of the exhibition: Hidden Truths. Tales and intrecci in 16th century paintings in Veneto. Promoted by the Artematica Association of Andrea Brunello and organized by Giovanni Federico Villa, the exhibition is promising to be an unprecedented event, for, as Mr Brunello has explained, it will delve, via a variety of media, into those aspects that are not strictly artistic in nature but have more to do with art commissioners and their lives. The gaze of characters and the motifs behind the depicted themes will, therefore, find fascinating parallelisms that will immediately reveal previously unknown elements on the lives of those who commissioned these works but also on the artists themselves. An idea that shifts the perspective and the established approach to arts in order to make it more involving and real as well as original. Mr Brunello himself has revealed that the exhibition will also be hosted abroad.

An additional novelty that is testimony to the enthusiasm generated by this event is the synergy with the Region Authority, a fact which has lead to the Region renting an exclusive area within Palazzo Sarcinelli where exclusive and distinctive products from this region will be on show.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff