Home Festival 2016

An exciting program for four days of music and fun!

From 01 September 2016 to 04 September 2016


Everything is ready for one of the most anticipated concerts in Treviso Italy in 2016! From 1 to 4 September, the Home Festival 2016 Treviso Italy is here: artists, Home Festival Treviso 2016 program and related events are ready to give you four days of pure fun!

Founded in 2010, the Home Festival Treviso has been a great success since its first edition, attracting thousands of spectators from all over Italy. As usual, the Home Festival Treviso 2016 line-up will be very varied: hard rock, electronic music, song writing, jazz, hip hop, world music and more will follow one another nonstop for the entire duration of the event.

The Home Festival Treviso 2016 program will be of the highest level and attended by artists, bands and singers of international renown ... 10 stages, over 170 shows and an area of 100,000 square meters confirm the growing success of the Home Festival in Treviso!

In addition to music, which remains the undisputed star of the event, with the passing of the years the program of the Home Festival Italy has expanded, offering also opportunities for analysis and comparison with art, film and photography.

Literature, dance, circus shows, exhibitions and conferences will be the backdrop to the Home festival Treviso line up, a huge Food & Drink area with restaurants and wine bars and spaces reserved for children make the Home Rock Festival Treviso Italy an event for everyone.

A new feature at the Home Festival in Treviso in 2016 will be the Home Garden, a large camping area dedicated to those who wish to enjoy the festival in all possible manners. Open from August 30 to September 5, the area is equipped with toilet services, info point, free baggage storage and 24 hour surveillance!

At the Home Festival Treviso 2016 artists, bands and DJ sets will play on the various stages nonstop for four days of full immersion in music in all its forms!

Home Festival Treviso 2016 line-up

Home Festival September 1

  • EDITORS - British band that boasts over 2 million records sold worldwide; two years touring around the world and now a new album with electronic influences.
  • 2MANYDJS - Belgian DJs that in little more than two years have re-invented the concept of DJ-ing finding a thread that links rock and dancefloor.
  • I MINISTRI - indie-rock revelation of 2008, they are again at the forefront thanks to 'General Culture', recorded in Berlin in the historic studios of the Funkhaus.
  • RENDICOTE - after a lifetime of collecting music, they have decided to start producing it for themselves. From Bavaria to Berlin in a continuous succession of great hits, up to the landing at the Home Festival Treviso Italy!
  • I CANI - a music sensation of the Italian independent music scene: the band led by Nicholas Contessa will be at the Home fest Treviso 2016.
  • THE JACQUES - band formed in 2014, it has acquired fame during a big show in Hyde Park.
  • JASELLI - he has played alongside artists like Ben Harper, Giusy Ferreri and Alberto Camerini, and trodden the historical stages of Italian independent music; after recording his first album in a cellar, he has promoted it live in more than 80 dates.
  • SELTON - an amazing taste that blends indie-pop to the sounds of their homeland. Countless concerts and various collaborations make them one of the most interesting bands of the Italian independent scene.
  • YAKAMOTO KOTZUGA - present Home rock Festival 2016 also the Venetian producer and musician author of a hypnotic sound, with bass lines, ambient noise and sequential accords.
  • DARDUST - the first Italian project of instrumental music that combines the world of minimalist piano to the electronic imagery world of Northern Europe. From Ludovico Einaudi to Sigur Rós up to Olafur Arnald, Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins ... are coming to the Treviso Home Festival 2016!
  • KIOL - meaning 'music' in the old Gaelic language, an unmistakable voice and unique style, inspired by Mumford and Sons and Paolo Nutini.
  • VITTORIA AND THE HYDE PARK - a new project of the eclectic Virgin Radio speaker who brings to Treviso, Home Festival, a trendy pop.
  • VETTORI - in recent years he has shared the stage with Planet Funk, Fu Manchu, Frankie Hi Nrg and The Zen Circus ... Graphics and video art are his business card.
  • JOHN CANOE - a surf / garage rock trio from Rome, winners of the Sziget & Home Sound Fest 2016!

Home Festival September 2

  • THE PRODIGY - breakbeat techno, epic choruses and unmissable sampling. The well-known mix of punk, electronic and heavy metal that wowed the rave-generation of the nineties is ready to ignite the stage of the Home Festival!
  • PENDULUM DJ SET & VERSE - appreciated for their explosive live performances, often improvised, with lights and special effects, the Pendulum are considered one of the most important producers of the international drum'n'bass scene.
  • ALBOROSIE & THE SHENGEN CLAN - musician, arranger and producer always looking for new sounds, he is the first Italian reggae artist to be recognized worldwide.
  • IL TEATRO DEGLI ORRORI - well-known Italian alternative rock group, they are preparing to bring the anger that has always distinguished them on stage at the Home Festival of Treviso!
  • DUB FX - Benjamine Stanford is a beatboxer, musician and producer of great quality; he started singing in the streets and trodden the stages of the biggest festivals in the world.
  • MODESTEP - electro and dubstep for a unique sound born in 2010 ... They have already published their second album!
  • APRÈS LA CLASSE - Founded in 1999 the Salento-hailed band boasts an intense live activity, including experimentation and copyright songs.
  • RUMATERA - at the Home Festival 2016 Treviso Italy Rumatera will continue to amaze! Venetian dialect and the life of the province are combined with Californian punk: 300 live concerts and 6 albums testify to a steadily growing success.
  • #DRUMANDBASSCHIAMAITALIA TOUR 2016 w / DJ IRON & MC DEF (Underground Area) feat SISMINO (Solid Soul)

Home Festival September 3

  • MARTIN GARRIX - in 2013, at only 17 years of age, he became the youngest artist to have ever reached the top positions in the European charts; in a short time he manages to climb the ranking of the top 100 DJ, compiled by DJ Mag.
  • FABRI FIBRA - rapper and record producer who has sold over 1 million copies in his career, without forgetting the numerous awards at national and international level.
  • EAGLES OF DEATH METAL - despite the name, the band has no connection with Death Metal ... Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, formerly member of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, arrive at the Home Festival program on Saturday 3 September.
  • SALMO - in just one year he has achieved over 50 million views on YouTube; pioneer and experimenter, he lives in Milan with his crew in a house-studio visited by rappers, producers, graphic artists and video makers.
  • ENTER SHIKARI - British metal band that has always been characterized by a very particular style, which blends post-hardcore and metalcore influences with the typical elements of trance and house music.
  • WHILE SHE SLEEPS - founded in 2006 in Sheffield they focus on heavy metal and, more specifically, on metalcore.
  • ILARIO ALICANTE - appreciated by international dj producers, Ilario Alicante brings on stage different influences in each set. He is inspired by artists like Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh.
  • JAUZ - electronic music producer stationed in Los Angeles; his first release was 'Get On Up' with Pegboard Nerds.
  • GEMITAIZ - great promise of the Italian hip hop scene, already at the Home Festival in 2015! Poetry, flow killer, content and character are the traits that distinguish him.
  • SPLASH COLORS w / Stereoliez
  • BRUNO BELISSIMO - dj producer and multi-instrumentalist of Italian and Canadian origin, he mixes very different atmospheres and sounds enriching them with a touch of typical Italian humor and Canadian perfectionism. He is one of the artists at the Treviso Home Festival 2016 not to be missed!
  • FRED DE PALMA - after approaching the hip-hop culture in 2008 and participating in various contests between Milan and Turin, he finished third at 'MTV Spit' in 2013.
  • INDIAN WELLS - in 'Night Drops', their debut album, softly deconstructed beats are linked to dark nightscapes and melancholic atmospheres...
  • IOSONOUNCANE - Sardinian but resident in Bologna since 8 years, he began his musical career by accident, obtaining excellent results in a short time.
  • ACKEEJUICE ROCKERS - Venetian dj / producer discovered by Kanye West in 2013, they are the pioneers of the 'tropical bass', a genre that blends electronic, hip hop, ethnic rhythms and dancehall ... The result? Come to the Treviso Home Festival to go crazy during their DJ sets!

Home Festival September 4

  • 2CELLOS - the cellists duo, great revelation of the world music scene in recent years, has been included in the Home Festival Program on Sunday, September 4 only in the last days! Using only two instruments they are able to interpret contemporary music with a modern twist!
  • VINICIO CAPOSSELA - Global minstrel, who reprocesses sounds and cultures from around the globe ... An undisputed star of contemporary author music he comes to the Home Rock Festival 2016 with his intimate ballads and colourful humanity
  • MAX GAZZÈ - the new album of one of the most creative and loved voices of Italian music has already won a gold record!
  • DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV - they call themselves the 'Balkan savage' ... Anarchists and irreverent they will bring to the Home Festival all their energy and determination
  • BENJI & FEDE - young idols of teenagers, they have become known thanks to Youtube, where they also caught the attention of Warner.
  • COEZ - he has conquered radio and print with his mix of rap and song writing; his first album went straight into the top 10 of the official GFK chart.
  • ESPAÑA CIRCO ESTE - in just three years in business they have already made more than 400 concerts, crazy live performances and a fusion of tango-punk are their trump cards.
  • GHALI - Milan rapper, he has collaborated with Gue Pequeno and Fedez; with 'Casa' he has started his solo career, ready to take off at the Home Festival Treviso.
  • IZI - he tells with rap everything he sees through his great sensitivity.
  • LANDLORD - electronic and ambient music with a touch of symphonic music, to find a kind of harmony between these different worlds
  • I RIO - Italian band that combines pop-rock sounds and electronic influences.
  • BE FOREST - pop music dream inspired by shoegaze that seems to remain in the air even when the songs are over ... Rarefied melodies and percussion that break the silence in their concert at the Home Festival!
  • DAMIEN McFLY - Paduan to the core, he is famous for re-arranging pop hits with folk-pop. In two years he has already racked up more than 300 concerts and more than 2,000,000 views on YouTube.
  • FUNKASIN STREET BAND - funky time are coming HOME! Music and energy to spare ... Strictly dancing at the Home Festival Trevisol!

Mark these dates in your diary ... From 1st to 4th September do not miss the Home Treviso Festival 2016: Italian and international artists, entertainment and many other events for the most anticipated summer festival in Treviso!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 01 September 2016 to 04 September 2016

Event location: Treviso, zona Dogana

Contacts: Home Festival Treviso 2016 program and more info on homefestival.eu

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