Hydrogen Live Festival 2014 in Piazzola sul Brenta

the most awaited concerts for the summer will take place in Padua!

From 06 July 2014 to 25 July 2014


Housed in the beautiful setting of Piazzola sul Brenta,the Hydrogen Live Festival concerts in Padua 2014 will not disappoint any expectations ... The Hydrogen Festival 2014 lineup and dates have been decided for months: extraordinary concerts in Padua Italy await you!

From July 6 to July 25 nine evenings of great music and entertainment at the Hydrogen Music Festival: Negramaro, Massive Attack, Robert Plant, James Blunt, Giorgia, Paolo Nutini, Scorpions, Emma and Elisa. The Hydrogen Festival lineup is not to be missed!

The famous Camerini amphitheatre of Villa Contarini, an elegant example of a Venetian villa, designed, among others, by the great architect Andrea Palladio, forms the background to the Hydrogen Festival in Piazzola sul Brenta

After the concerts of Bob Dylan, Sting, Billy Idol, Santana and Thirty Seconds to Mars - which in recent years have drawn to the Piazzola sul brenta festival thousands of people - the Hydrogen Festival Padova 2014 peaks even higher...

Piazzola Sul Brenta Hydrogen Festival 2014 lineup: dates and artists

06.07 Negramaro: after winning San Siro and Olimpico in July 2013, at Piazzola sul Brenta, Negramaro will return with ' Un amore così grande 2014 tour' on July 6 for the 2014 Hydrogen Festival Italy!

09.07 Massive Attack: after four years of absence, at Piazzola sul Brenta Massive Attack will return for four unmissable concerts! At the Hydrogen Festival 2014 Massive Attack will conquer the audience with a mix of house, techno and rock that has characterized their sound since the birth of the group.

14.07 Robert Plant: stages throughout Europe for Zeppelin's historic leader's new awaited tour. At Piazzola sul Brenta Robert Plant will be at the live festival along with The Sensational Space Shifters.

15.07 James Blunt: in Piazzola del Brenta James Blunt's 'Moon Landing 2014 World Tour' stage in Italy will take place! The tour is following the release of James Blunt's fourth album, the eclectic English artist who with his style has managed to conquer the whole world!

16.07 Giorgia: After the sold-out in recent months, at Piazzola sul Brenta, Giorgia's stage of her summer eight-stage 'Senza Paura Tour 2014' will take place!

17.07 Paolo Nutini: three highly anticipated concerts in Italy two years after his last appearance. In Piazzola sul Brenta Paolo Nutini will present his latest album, which confirms him as one of the icons of international pop-rock scene.

18.07 Scorpions: The Hydrogen Festival lineup 2014 boasts the only Italian concert of the 'Farewell World Tour'! A Piazzola sul Brenta, the Scorpions could give the fans one of their last performances before retiring from the stage.

19.07 Emma: after her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest and the success of her last tour, 6 new concerts, including the Hydrogen Festival Padova 2014 one, for 'Emma Limited Edition'.

25.07 Elisa: a large tour set off last March to present her latest album ... in Piazzola sul Brenta Elisa will sing the success of 'L'Anima Vola', her first album entirely in Italian.

Do not miss the extraordinary concerts of the Hydrogen Festival Padova 2014: James Blunt, Massive Attack, Giorgia, Elisa, Robert Plant, Paolo Nutini, Scorpions, Negroamaro and Emma. At the Piazzola sul Brenta music festival live concerts in Padua 2014 are about to begin!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 06 July 2014 to 25 July 2014

Event location: Piazzola sul Brenta (Pd)

Contacts: For more information on the 2014 Hydrogen Festival tickets and schedule - www.hydrogenfestival.com