I Capolavori dellArte: paintings from Italian and foreign artists on show in Asiago

From 09 June 2012 to 25 November 2012

Organized by the local development agency of Asiago, the fascinating exhibition I Capolavori dellarte Rembrandt, Dal, Picasso, Chagall and DallOca Bianca, Ciardi, Luigi Novo, Favretto, Borsato, Vedova will be hosted from June 9 to November 25 at the Le Carceri Museum in Asiago. Considered one of the major events in Vicenza in 2012, the exhibition will bring to Asiago in the province of Vicenza more than 100 paintings of Italian and foreign artists. It will showcase works of the Flemish artist Rembrandt and others from his time next to works from the 18th century and more recent times that have inherited the innovative elements of the Flemish art of the 16th century. Through the analysis of Flemish art in the 16th century, the exhibition in Asiago aims at explaining how paintings of artists from Veneto and other regions have achieved in the 18th and 19th centuries a highly technical and chromatic level. This is the case for the paintings of the artists Boldini, Segantini, Zandomeneghi, DallOca Bianca, Favretto, Bison, Moja, Fragiacomo and many others who have, sine the end of the French revolution, retraced the innovations of Flemish art. In Asiago there will be many pieces that have never been shown before, including paintings, sculptures and drawings, belonging to private collections. The exhibition starts with a group of Flemish works, a focal point that allows visitors to realize the importance of Flemish art in the evolution of artistic works in the following centuries.

Due to its inherent difficulties, oil painting, used since ancient times, was threatening to alter the colours researched by artists. In the 15th century Flemish art managed to perfect this technique thanks to the introduction of shading: by allowing the oil colours to dry out slowly artists could proceed with successive applications and add new layers of colour to obtain paintings with brilliant colours and very fine details. Besides Flemish art, results arising from the use of oil paints are also typified in paintings produced with different techniques, one of them being miniatures. Amongst the artists on show in Asiago are Picasso, Carr, Balla, Severini, Chagall, Dal, de Chirico, Morandi, Guttuso, De Pisis, Fontana and others form the Historic Vanguards.

Vedutismo, Cubism and Spatialism with examples of pop-art and op-art selected according to their historic and artistic importance - are also on show to depict the changes in arts during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The exhibition hosted in Asiago unites the most significant evolutions of Western art and represents one of the most interesting events in Vicenza in 2012, a scientific endeavour to highlight the origins of artistic movements in Italy and abroad. Examples of Flemish art and many more renowned artists who carried out very important experimentation for the future of art: a rich ensemble of paintings and sources, accompanied by two explanatory videos, a printed guide and graphical explanations in each sector.

A dedicated area will display works from Futurism by Gruppo Forma 1, Transavanguardia and artists from contemporary painters in Veneto: an exhibition to reinterpret the History of Art in all its aspects.

Times9 June 9 September, 2012 everyday from 10am to 12pm and from 3.30pm to 6.30pm15 September 25 September, 2012 Saturdays and Sundays only, from 10am to 12pm and 3.30pm to 6.30pm

By Insidecom Editorial Staff