12th International Architecture Exhibition

From 29 August 2010 to 21 November 2010

The 2010 Architecture Biennale will be held at the Gardens and the Arsenale, plus various other venues in the centre of Venice, from August 29th to November 21st (preview August 26, 27 and 28). An exhibition filled with interesting and original ideas that will, as has happened in all previous editions, leave its mark on future times. The 2010 edition will be for the first time directed by a woman, the architect Kazuyo Sejima a fact which is twice as important as after a series of editions directed by critics and historians the 2010 event will bring architecture back on centre stage within the Biennale in the name of quality. This alone makes one realize that the 2010 Architecture Biennale will have a more practical approach aimed at clarifying the role of architecture in the present time. Ms Sejima has decided to call this years edition People meet in architecture with the purpose of bringing people and architecture together and foster better exchanges amongst them. Can architecture help clarify new values and a new lifestyle for the 21st century? This exhibition says Kazuyo Sejima - will be the chance to experience the multiple possibilities of architecture to understand how it can represent a new way of living and prove that it originates from a plurality of approaches and values. The Biennales president Paolo Baratta has explained that the choice for a new director has gone to one of the most eminent names in this centurys architecture who has developed her own expressions and sensitivity through her close working relationships with world renowned architects and who has herself contributed to initiate a new generation of architecture masters. The best words that can be used to describe the values and approach of Kazuyo Sejima are provided by one of her masters, renowned Toyo Ito who has said: shes an architect who uses the highest simplicity to connect matter with abstract. One must bear in mind that Ms Sejima has taken inspiration from the minimalist geometries of contemporary Japanese architecture. A major aspect of the 12th International Architecture Exhibition is that there will be an independent space for each participant and each theme, so that each artist will be his or her own curator says the newly appointed director,. The 54 participating countries will design their own space, keeping in mind the visitors experience and emphasizing the concept of space over that of object. Technical experts and artists will join the exhibition too as they cover a fundamental role in modern society.

There will be two main projects within the 12th Exhibition: Architecture Saturdays and the direct participation of Universities to the Exhibition. The former will see the involvement of past directors of the Exhibition to initiate a fruitful and positive exchange, whilst the University Project is a learning opportunity for students from the faculties of Architecture, Engineering, Design, Communication and Sociology. They will have the possibility to experiment and come into contact with architecture whilst at the same time gaining exam credits.

In parallel with the Exhibition a series of collateral events organized by international groups and institutions will be held in Venice town centre.

During the event two Golden Lions will be awarded, the first for Lifetime Achievement to the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and the second a post-mortem accolade in memory of the Japanese architect Kazuo Shinohara, who died in 2006.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff