1st Venice International Performance Art Week

From 08 December 2012 to 15 December 2012


Among the new events in Venice in December 2012 there is an original initiative dedicated to international contemporary art in Venice: the Venice International Performance Art Week.

From 8 to 15 December 2012, in the splendid setting of Palazzo Bembo in Venice, performance art exhibitions devoted to new art forms with video works, live performances and art installations.

Organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Global Art Affairs Foundation, Venice Open Gates and VestAndPage, the first edition of the Venice International Performance Art Week will enrich the calendar of Venice events in December 2012 with a strong international appeal.

This unprecedented mostra d'arte contemporanea a Venezia will host numerous artists from around the world, including the pioneers of this new experience built with film, photography, live action, art installations, meetings and workshops.

A new performance art festival in Venice which aims to become an annual event in Venice in December. A contemporary art event that will help to confirm and strengthen the role of Venice in performing arts in Italy.

Investigating rapports and human relationships from individual and social perspectives, performance art is an artistic discipline where the only means of expression becomes the body, the instrument through which to study the evolution and needs of the person. The audience participates in the arrangement of the exhibition which becomes a highly emotional and intellectual experience. A contemporary art show in Venice which offers an opportunity to understand the impact of art on modern society through a continuous exchange between the audience and the artists. A form of living art to analyse space, time and evolving ideas.

An event of great charm and immediacy that, in the lively atmosphere of Palazzo Bembo of Venice, analyses human society and its development: opening our minds to new horizons the viewer will be involved in an all-round investigation through the singular means of expression used in performance art.

Take part in the various events of the 1st Venice International Performance Art Week by booking one of the many accommodation in Venice... an intense week of fascinating form of art, which expresses, through the body and movement, emotions and situations we deal with every day, is waiting to be discovered.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff