2011 Buds of Spring

From 24 March 2011 to 15 May 2011

A spring of events to wow everybody with the flavour of IGP asparaguses in the area between the Piave and Sile rivers. In its fourth year, Buds of Spring is rolling out nine events up to the onset of summer. They will reveal in turns the virtues of this food in the gastronomic tradition of Veneto and its numerous uses for cooking.

This is the detailed calendar with the nine events of Buds of Spring: from 24th to 27th March at Quinto di Treviso Colours and Flavours of Spring, April 11th at Zero Branco the 15th Asparagus Exibition, April 17th at San Polo di Piave Gems of April, April 17th 2011 at Borgo Malanotte, Vazzola Spring of Wine and the Exhibition of Cimadolmo White IGP Asparagus, from April 25th to May 8th 2011 at Morgano di Badoere the 44th Exhibition of the Badoere White Asparagus, from 5th to 15th May 2011 at Cimadolmo the 36th Exhibition of the Cimadolmo White IGP Asparagus, from 6th to 15th May 2011 at Scorz the 35th Asparagus and Strawberry Festival, 14th and 15th May 2011 at Preganziol the Exhibition of Asparagus and wild herbs and finally 15th May 2011 at San Biagio di Callalta the Asparagus Exhibition.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 24 March 2011 to 15 May 2011

Event location: Treviso March (TV)

Contacts: info@germoglidiprimavera.tv