2011 From Asiago to the stars

From 15 February 2011 to 07 June 2011

The Asiago astronomical observatory, part of the Padova observatory, is offering an invitation to discover the starred sky for aficionados, students and those interested in the company of real astronomers who will introduce the public to the mysteries of the celestial bodies and offer a guided tour of this research centre.

The first Saturday of the month at 6p.m. in the multimedia room a spectrometry lesson will take place, addressed in particular to upper schools students. On the same day, at 9p.m. the night events will be held with sky observations. The Night of the Moon are, as the title suggests, evenings exclusively dedicated to the observation of the only natural Earth satellite, and are scheduled (again at 9p.m.) on: 15th March, 12th April, 10th May and 7th June.

Only in February, those tourists spending their skiing holidays in Asiago will be able to access the multimedia room of the astronomical observatory every Friday afternoon from 6p.m., to attend a lecture of astronomy and sky observation. Entry tickets cost 6 via telephone booking.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 15 February 2011 to 07 June 2011

Event location: Asiago astronomical observatory (VI)

Contacts: visite@oapd.inaf.it