2011 St Anthony Marathon

17 April 2011

Every spring the St. Anthony Marathon returns to warm up muscles and hearts with one of the most loved routes in Italy and beyond. Its history is recent; it was in fact in 1998 that the idea of organizing a road run to retrace the peregrination followed by the Saint before his death was conceived: the best way to celebrate the 2000 Jubilee, and also a collective event that up until then had been missing in Padova. Within the following two years, thanks to the splendid synergy between Sport Assindustria and the Vedelago Athletic group, this happening came into being sparking interest beyond the national confines: 42 km capable of putting together history and nature with a triumphal finish in Prato della Valle, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, along with a series of collateral events and opportunities for everybody to join in. This year, in its 12th edition, the start of the marathon has been moved from Vedelago (TV) to Campodarsego, and the route is now entirely contained within the province of Padova. The redesigning of the route is meant to offer a new challenge to athletes, who before joining the classic route along the Statale del Santo, this year have to cross such towns as Camposampiero, Massanzago, Borgoricco e Reschigliano, in other words the historic Roman grid street plan of the Province of Padova. Those who have already participated in this competition will, this way, be able to enjoy new emotions, whilst those entering it for the first time, will be delighted by a route that offers beautiful views and keeps intact the spirit of the early days. As expected, this is more than just a competing event and during these three days tourists and residents alike will be able to enjoy numerous events and initiatives, such as the Stracittadine, non competitive runs that are entered every year by more than 20.000 people wishing to spend a different from the norm day in the fresh air.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff