2011 Summer Photography

From 12 June 2011 to 28 August 2011

From 12 June to 28 August, the captivating location of Villa Brandolini at Solighetto di Pieve di Soligo will stage the event 2011 Summer Photography, a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all aficionados of colour and black and white film photography.

Organized by the Francesco Fabbri Foundation and in collaboration with the Pieve di Soligo Municipality, the 18th century villa will become, over the course of the summer, the national centre of attraction for photography with the inclusion of three important photographic exhibitions together with many other interesting collateral events, such as talks, shows, concerts and film showings. The most eagerly awaited for event is Paul Strand and Walter Rosenblums exhibition Selective Correspondences with a display of 74 images from the two artists, some of them showed to the general public for the first time.

On top of this, there will be another two events to augment the offerings of the exhibition: Italian Pittorialism. FAST collections, a showing dedicated to the movement that was the predecessor of modern day photography, and the exhibition Chernobyl. Hidden Legacy of the contemporary artist Pierpaolo Mittica, the Walter Rosenblums former apprentice, housed in the villas greenhouses. It is a collection of thirty and still highly relevant shots aimed at keeping alive the memory of this huge disaster without indulging in unnecessary spectacular effects. Both exhibitions are organized by Carlo Sala, the local renowned curator and critic, previously known for having organized Yoko Onos photographic exhibition at the Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 12 June 2011 to 28 August 2011

Event location: Villa Brandolini Solighetto di Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Contacts: eventi@fondazionefrancescofabbri.it