2012 Treviso Marathon

04 March 2012

The 9th edition of the Treviso International Marathon will take place on March 4 over a distance of 42.195 km with starting line at Vittorio Veneto and arrival in Treviso. The final countdown for the event on March 4 has already started: entries will close on February 25 but until February 17 there is an early bird discount: 38 Euros instead of 48 and an additional discount for groups, thereby confirming that the March marathon is one of the cheapest and most important in Italy. There are already 24 represented nations, which is setting this happening as an important event also for foreign runners. The starting line in Vittorio Veneto will include an international line-up with athletes from Israel and Ukraine, the United States and Russia, Northern Europe and further a field as Brazil and Argentina. A not to be missed event for many Italian and foreign aficionados, who appreciate the rich tourist offering of the March and the beauty of the Treviso marathon, both perfect occasions to discover one of the nicest historic town centres in Italy. Treviso is in fact a city with many attractions: art, history, well-being and a excellent example of the dolce vita in Italy. The renowned hospitality is perfectly mirrored in the organization of the Treviso Marathon: everything during the marathon weekend has been planned with the needs of athletes in mind and this is probably what has decreed the success of this event. With a starting line in Serravalle, the splendid historic centre of Vittorio Veneto, the marathon meanders through seven municipalities (Colle Umberto, San Vendemiano, Conegliano, Susegana, Nervesa della Battaglia, Spresiano e Villorba before arriving in Treviso. The finish line is in the renowned Piazza del Grano, in Borgo Cavour, soon after Porta San Tommaso. Considered one of the most popular races in Italy, its debut occurred on March 14 2004 and soon became a favourite event for many aficionados. Its popularity has risen dramatically: over the first five editions the number of participants has doubled and the final tally peaked in 2008 with a record number of 6271 participants. It is very popular with non professional athletes and due to the warm support of spectators along the route, it has been named the New York of Italy. During the 10th edition in 2013, the Treviso Marathon will revert to being the only marathon in the world with three separate starting lines and will accept only 4500 participants. Athletes who enrolled in the 2012 Treviso Marathon before 31 December will be guaranteed entry to the 10th Anniversary Treviso Marathon after paying a small supplement. The date of the 2012 edition represents a new element for the Treviso Marathon. Unlike previous editions, the event will take place on the first Sunday of March and not the last one, this way favouring the athletes, who will enjoy a cooler climate, and streamlining the rich calendar of events of the March which has been steadily growing in recent times.

An additional new feature for the 2012 Treviso Marathon is the location of the Expo Run in the great sport city of Ghirada. The exhibition of technical products for marathon runners will, therefore, take place in the green oasis of Ghirada, which with its gyms and facilities for outdoor activities just outside Treviso, confirms itself as an ideal location for sport lovers. This is a unique multi-purpose centre in Italy, covering 22 hectares, which represents the ideal place for all those passionate about sports and free-time activities and the perfect location for an event that every year brings out new opportunities for resonance and prestige. Entry fee 38 from 1 January to 17 February 2012 48 from 18 to 25 February 2012 25 for disabled athletes until 25 February 2012Athletes without membership pay an extra 7 covering the cost of the ticket granting permission to run on roads. This will be completed in advance by the race organizers and handed to the athletes together with their race bib. A medical certificate must be posted together with proof of payment.

Entry fee determined according to the date of payment, not when the enrolment form was posted.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 04 March 2012

Event location: Vittorio Veneto - Treviso

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