2012 Venice Carnival Special event Wine and chocolate tastings at Palazzo Nani Bernardo

From 11 February 2012 to 18 February 2012

Carnival is the party par excellence in Venice, during which rules and habits of everyday life can, and must, be broken. This is the merriest time of the year especially for foods that tempt your palate. If you decide to indulge in them within the magnificent ambience of a palace on the Canal Grande, you can be sure you will experience the most authentic spirit of the Venice Carnival. So you need no excuses to resist the temptations to taste wine and chocolate in the elegant Nani Bernardo Palace on the last and last-but-one weekend of Carnival. Choose amongst three dates: 11, 17 and 18 February. What is waiting for you is an exclusive masquerade event. In the sumptuous rooms of the main floor of the palace you will be able to treat yourself, without feeling guilty, to exhilarating wines, luxurious chocolate as well as the king and queen of Venice Carnival cakes: galani and frittoe. A sommelier will make your tasting even more enjoyable and exciting and will introduce you to some of the best wines produced in Veneto, such as the wines of the Conte Collalto Winery, owned by Isabella Collalto in Susegana (Treviso) and those of the Bisol Winery in Valdobbiadene (Treviso) and the popular Bellini drink. You will have two full hours of pure lust for your palate, senses and eyes!
By Insidecom Editorial Staff