22nd FAI Spring Day in Veneto

to discover the best cultural sites in Veneto exceptionally open to the public for this important event

From 22 March 2014 to 23 March 2014


The Giornata FAI di Primavera 2014 in Veneto is nearly here. The historical FAI event promoted by the Fondo Ambiente Italiano FAI in Veneto returns on 22 and 23 March! On this page you will find all the events of the Fondo Ambiente in Veneto and a list of beautiful places to visit during the 22ndFAI Spring Day in 2014.

Promoted by Fondo Ambiente FAI, the days offer the opportunity to learn about historic buildings and natural sites throughout Italy. For the 22nd edition - Giornata FAI di Primavera in 2014 - more than 750 places will open their doors: parks, monuments, churches, palaces, villas, gardens, most of which are often closed to the public and can only be visited during special FAI events.

The Fondo Ambiente Giornata di Primavera aims to bring Italians to the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, a non-profit foundation established in 1975 to preserve and enhance important examples of natural and artistic heritage of our country. Many of these valuable sites will be open to the public during the giornata FAI 2014 with visits and events, free or available for a small contribution to help the Fondo Ambiente Italiano and towards the maintenance of the places under its 'protection'.

Since 1993, the giornata FAI di primavera have enabled millions of Italians to learn about the priceless places, that were abandoned for years and which have now been brought back to life thanks to the work of FAI: the 22nd Giornata FAI Primavera will show some of the most fascinating and authentic sides of our beautiful country!

Following the success of previous editions of giornata FAI in Veneto, 2014 proposes the 'Cicero Apprentices' project: many of the scheduled visits will be held by students as tour guides for a day.


Giornata Fai in Veneto - list of open places:


Giornata Fai in Treviso and its province

Castelfranco Veneto: Villa Bolasco - the restored stables

Oderzo: Casa dei Battuti; Archaeological Museum Eno Bellis

Treviso: ITIS Enrico Fermi.

Giornata Fondo Ambiente in Padova and its province

Luvigliano di Torreglia: Villa dei Vescovi.

Montegrotto Terme: Villa Romana Neroniana (exclusive to FAI members).

Noventa Padovana: Villa Grimani Vendramin Calergi Valmarana.

Padova: the secluded areas of the Monastery of Santa Giustina, the ramparts and the transformations of Italy's fascist period

Piazzola sul Brenta: from the Venetian villa to the city of work.

Giornata Fai Venezia and its province

Caorle: Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Chioggia: Art Nouveau itinerary

Concordia Sagittaria: Domus dei Signini.

Noale: Noale Picta and Murata itinerary

Portogruaro: National Museum of Concordia Portogruaro

Venezia: Lutheran Church former school of the guardian angel; the estate of the pious site of the penitents; Olivetti Showroom, Palazzo Labia (exclusive to FAI members).

Giornata Fai Verona and its province

Verona: Gavi Arch, Castel San Pietro, Roman archaeological excavations in the courtyard of the tribunal; archaeological excavation in corte Sgarzerie - cryptoportico of the Roman Capitol

Giornata Fai Vicenza and its province

Bassano del Grappa: the walkways of the castle; the church of Santa Maria in Colle

Thiene: Palazzo Thiene Cornaggia.

Vicenza: prefectural apartment in the of the Government Palace building in Nievo; cloister of the Servi; Villa Cricoli.

Giornata Fai Rovigo and its province

Adria: Storerooms of the National Archaeological Museum of Adria, the Bishop's Palace; renaissance room in Palazzo Cordella; Villa Angels

Giornata Fai Belluno and its province

Belluno: Fulcis Palace - restoration site; Villa Alpago in Sossai

Pieve di Cadore: Fort of Montericco

For additional benefits and exclusive tours during Giornata FAI 2014 you will have the opportunity to join the Fondo Ambiente Italiano in the places visited.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 22 March 2014 to 23 March 2014

Event location: Veneto

Contacts: For visiting hours and full program for Giornata FAI in Veneto 2014: http://www.giornatefai.it/luoghi/default.aspx?r=veneto