300 Miglia Villas 2008

From 17 October 2008 to 19 October 2008

From 17 to 19 October 2008 a vintage car rally in some of the most beautiful villas of the Veneto, one of the most important regions in Italy for its history, art, architecture, gastronomy and enchanting natural beauty in all of Italy.

An international vintage car rally beginning at the Prato della Valle in Padua and folloiwng a route through the villas of the provinces of Padua and Treviso. A parade of fascinating vehicles crossing the city streets and reaching Conselve in front of the Villa Ca Sagredo, following on to Castello di Lispida in Monselice and passing over the Euganean Hills and the Castello di San Pelagio at Due Carrare. The second stage will lead through the province of Treviso and the final stage will see the vehicles passing in front of the elegant Villa Marcello at Levada di Piombino Dese.

ProgrammeSaturday 1 March 2008Registration opens 1100.

Saturday 26 July 2008Registration closes 0000.

Thursday 16 October 2008Technical checks 1400 1900Prato della Valle - Padua.

Friday 17 October 2008Technical checks 0800 1100Prato della Valle - Padua.Welcome buffet at Caff Pedrocchi 1100 - 1200.

Prato della Valle - Padua.Briefing - Prato della Valle - Padua 1200.1st stage - Prato della Valle - Padua 1230.recommencement 1300 - 1400.1st stage arrival - Prato della Valle - Padua 1800 - 1900.

Gala dinner 2030The city authorities welcome the participants.

Saturday 18 October 20082nd stage Padua - Treviso ore 8,30.recommencement 1200 - 1400.

Arrival at Treviso end of 2nd stage 1700 - 1800.

Gala dinner 2030.

The city authorities welcome the participants.

Sunday 19 October 20083rd stage Treviso - Padua 1000.

Recommencement 1200 - 1300.3rd stage arrival - Prato della Valle - Padua 1400 - 1500.

Awards ceremony 1600

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Period: From 17 October 2008 to 19 October 2008

Event location: Padua-Treviso

Via Gavazzini, 11 - 29025 Gropparello (PC) - Italy
Tel. +39.0523.246503 - Fax +39.0523.246451 - info@300migliavillevenete.it
Web: www.300migliavillevenete.it
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