30th Exhibition of Prosecco DOC

From 21 February 2009 to 08 March 2009

The springtime Prosecco Doc will be inaugurated at the 30th edition of the Prosecco DOC of Colbertaldo and Vidor. Promoted by the local wine-producers, the event gives the opportunity to sample the new Prosecco DOC, both sparkling and spumante, at the new multi-purpose centre of Vidor.

The wine will be accompanied by traditional salami and cheeses of the area of Prealpiù Trevigiane. The area of Vidor is situated along one of the most interesting routes for food and wine tours in the Treviso region. On the way towards Conegliano, lying above a peaceful bend in the river Piave, we find the magnificent Benedictine abbey of San Bona, dating back to the 12th century. On the summits of the hills above the village there lies a monument built on the ruins of the ancient parish church and castle.

Even more deeply hidden within the hills and vineyards lies another historical ruin, a site of immense cultural value, the Sanctuary of Santa. Maria delle Grazie, dating from the 14th century. Also lying on the innumerable hills of the region, an area whose tradition of viticulture goes back to the 1800s are several wineshops and vineyards which can be visited to enjoy the Prosecco DOC of Valdobbiadene.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 21 February 2009 to 08 March 2009

Event location: Vidor, Treviso

Contacts: Web site: www.primaveradelprosecco.it