34 Palio of Montagnana

From 07 August 2010 to 12 September 2010

The Palio of Montagnana, instituted in the 12th century and continuing to the present day, takes place on the first Sunday of September to commemorate the liberation of the territory of the Longobard kings from the tyranny of Ezzelino III da Romano. The competition involves ten bareback riders, who represent the ten communes, who have to complete three laps of the grass encircling the ancient town walls. The winner receives a prestigious red embroidered cloth, while the other participants receive a cock and a melon, in accordance with the ancient rules. A procession of knights and maidens in medieval costume takes place before the race commences with all the community following their chosen character from the times of Ezzolino. The recreation finishes late in the evening with a simulation of the burning of the fortress. Accompanying the main event will be medieval markets and a flag-waving display. Contemporary with the race will also be an exhibition, The fascinating world of the walled city.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 07 August 2010 to 12 September 2010

Event location: Montagnana (PD)

Contacts: info@palio10comuni.it