34 Vogalonga

31 May 2009

Sunday 31th May sees the usual appointment for the Vogalonga: an event which unites the world in its passion for Venice, a battle pitting oars against outboard motors.

A recent event arising from the initiative of a group of enthusiasts, this picturesque regatta organised by the Rosa Salva family has been embraced by the people for its contributing to the spirit of the lagoon city: a new tradition which should live for centuries to come. Its youthful enthusiasm and vibrancy manifest themselves in the antique costumes which adorn the participants and which live again in the present day. Amongst other benefits this event has engendered we can note the formation of many rowing clubs, as well as the revival of traditional crafts and skills necessary for the craft employed which can be admired on the water today, previously only throufh depictions by 18th century Venetian artists. The Vogalonga stretches over a route of 30 miles, from the bay of Saint Marks until the tip of the Salute, inculding a grand procesion along the Grand Canal featuring thousands of crews, many from other countries. A true testament to Venices place in the heart of the world, the event begins at 8.30a.m. and welcomes all types of vesel.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 31 May 2009

Event location: Venice

Contacts: Information: 041 5210544