34th Gran Fondo Cortina Dobbiaco

From 05 February 2011 to 06 February 2011

This historic cross-country ski marathon, this year in its 34th edition, has always had the merit of gathering professionals as well as amateurs together for two days in the name of some healthy sport emotions. This competition sees two separate sections with different procedures: the first day, with the finish line at Fiames, is dedicated to the classic technique, whilst the second and final day, with the finish line positioned in the town centre of Cortina dAmpezzo, is for free style. In the past such kind of marathons used to be called folks walks and this name was used to emphasize the gathering purpose that these events offered their participants, who had the real opportunity to exercise in splendid natural settings and share this experience with others. Nowadays, as well back in those days, these happenings have not lost their appeal to the public, and have seen the numbers of their participants increase considerably in the last few decades. The appeal generated by gran fondo is not simply due to the competing purpose, but also to the collateral events regularly organized, which add a special flavour and involve adults and children with original initiatives purposely developed each year. The Dobbiaco Cortina is considered one of the most prestigious gran fondo in the international circuit and the 2011 edition is promising to be, as always, a real surprise.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 05 February 2011 to 06 February 2011

Event location: Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)

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