37 Vogalonga

12 June 2011

With its bizarre shape and peculiar rowing action which is carried out in a standing position - the gondola is undoubtedly the boat that symbolizes Venice. Thanks to its easy manoeuvrability it remains the boat best suited to travel on the waters of the varied lagoon of Venice or its narrow canals.

The Voga Veneta (literally Venice rowing) is the sport discipline unique to the water city of Venice, and with its special rowing, boats such as gondolas, which have an asymmetrical shape required when propulsion is derived from one oar only, can be easily guided and steered. This technique is similar to the so-called Alla Valensana method, which entails using two oars in a crossing guise. On a boat deploying the Voga Veneta, there are five people rowing together, often on a gondola-like boat, but much sturdier and painted in lively colours. Thanks to the passion of those following this discipline, the Vogalonga event has been a regular occurrence since 1975. This is a non-competitive rowing race with boats of different types that has been growing year after year to international levels with the participation of people from all around the world. Each year the event is attended to by almost 5,000 enthusiasts and more than 1,500 boats, along a 32km route designed to touch the most significant sites in Venice: from St Marks dock and the Canal Grande to the neighbouring isles of Burano and Murano, back to Venice, entered from the Canal of Cannaregio, and the final destination at the Punta della Salute.

This years 37th edition will last for the entire duration of 12 June; all those crossing the finishing line will be given a commemorative medal and a certificate of attendance. Also, there will be additional prize draws, donated by the participating groups and local organizations.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 12 June 2011

Event location: Venice

Contacts: info@vogalonga.it