42nd Edition Vinitaly

From 03 April 2008 to 07 April 2008

Vinitaly, tradition and innovation combined by passion. Vinitaly is the definitive event in the world of national and international viticulture. Number one in the world for size, throughout the years it has grown in importance on the international level, attracting not only trade interest but also providing a truly unforgettable event for all.

A role cultivated over 40 years of activity, accompanied by the development of the sector making it the greatest ambassador of Italian produce in the world, the representative of the excellence in viticulture of quality. This year Vinitaly will host 4,200 exhibitors in an area of almost 80,000 m2, revolving around all the facets of the industry: production, importation, distribution, media, and technical areas. Vinitaly offers a series of traditional gatherings combined with innovative events to attract and involve operators from all over the world. The range is wide: Tasting ExPress, with international wines, Taste & Dream, offering the treasures of Italian viticulture, Trendy today, Big tomorrow, the industry selection of wines in which to invest, Taste Italy, a tasting dedicated to listed wines of 2006, presented by a selection of international journalists and buyers, the Ristorante d'Autore, with magnificent dishes from top Italian chefs; the Cittadella della Gastronomia, offering the best in regional Italian cooking; the Area Haute Cuisine: in the hall of the Internaional Salon for Olive Oil, a fascinating meeting of top gastronomy and the world of wine and oil; the JRE Restaurant on Tour, where every day three different chefs associated with JRE offer a complete menu, while CCTV reveals them at work in the kitchen. A varied yet precise programme of events which continues outside the exhibition area: in the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Piazza Bra opposite the Municipal Council of Verona you can find Vinitaly for You, an evening winebar offering food and live music dedicated to enthusiasts of refined wines

By Insidecom Editorial Staff