43rd Concert Season

From 09 October 2008 to 28 May 2009

Orchestra of Padua and the Veneto The 9th October sees the opening of the 43rd Concert Season of the Orchestra of Padua and the Veneto. The first date takes place at the Auditorium Cesare Pollini with Ottavio Dantone as director and soloist (organ) with a programme of Baroque music featuring Handel and Bach, though as has now become a feature of the Orchestra the season will also feature works less well-known, with both internationally-renowned artists and also giving space to new talent. Among the forthcoming highlights will be Beethovens violin concerto op.61 and piano concerto no. 5 (emperor Lalos Spanish Symphony, Handels organ concertos, Brahms piano Concerto no. 1 and Symphony no. 1 (Brahms will also be featured in two forthcoming seasons with all his concertos and symphonies). Brahms also closes the season with his Deutsches Requiem. Other performances include works by A. Lokhsin (whose contemporary Shostakovich, had no hesitation in acclaiming him a genius P. Wranitsky (friend of Beethoven Britten, Ligeti and Bartok. Among the interpreters will be the prestigious talents of Accardo, Goebel, Kuijken (for the first time with the Orchestra Dantone, Quarta, Lupo, De Maria, Turkovic, the Stagione Armonica, Schellenberger, Roedijk, and the Bach choral choir of Freiburg directed by Beuerle. To be confirmed is the Christmas Concerto at the Basilica del Santo.

Detailed calendar of events at: padovacultura.padovanet.it

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 09 October 2008 to 28 May 2009

Event location: Auditorium Cesare Pollini, Basilica S. Antonio, Chiesa degli Eremitani Padua

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