51st International Traditional ice-cream Exhibition

From 28 November 2010 to 01 December 2010

After celebrating in 2009 its 50th year, the International Traditional ice-cream exhibition is returning more determined than ever to the Longarone Exhibition centre, near Belluno. This is not a time for celebrations, but for actions to defend and value this quality product which is too often penalized and shadowed by widespread publicity campaigns that advertise industry made ice-cream. The 51st edition of this Europe-wide renowned event will contain a series of strategic communication and promotion initiatives organized to raise public awareness in synergy with Artglace and the G.

A. (the National Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Traditional and Home-made Ice-cream). Several improvements have been made to increase the appeal of the exhibition and give all exhibitors, which include manufacturers of machinery, products, furniture and services for the ice-cream market, the same level of attention and visibility. The Longarone ice-cream exhibition is always held around this time of the year as it traditionally coincided with the closing of the ice-cream making season, whilst nowadays the sweet and creamy ice that is liked by all is consumed in both the hot and cold seasons another fact that has considerably changed habits and traditions of this field and one that must be kept in mind and further developed. A little history of the Longarone ice-cream exhibition. Nowadays visitors and exhibitors come from all over the place, whilst né the beginning things proved difficult in terms of promoting the event as the first year only 18 companies, all from the adjoining areas, joined the event. Today, the number of visitors is impressive and sees the participation of all those operating in this field. The 1963 exhibition was abruptly brought to an end on 9th October due to the catastrophic Vajont dam disaster, which caused widespread destruction in the town. It was necessary to make a new start without any records from previous events as these were completely destroyed by the catastrophe. Visitors and exhibitors nowadays number around 30.000 every year. Another novelty for this years edition is a greater involvement of East European markets, due to the quality of local ice-cream which has attracted strong attention. Besides Germany, Austria and Holland, further specific promotional activities will be held in Italy, where a considerable increase in the number of operators has been reported in 2009.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff