53rd International Art Exhibition

From 07 June 2009 to 22 November 2009

Every other year during the period between June and November, Venice becomes home to the world of contemporary and avant-garde art with its Biennial, one of the most important events of its kind and one of the most prestigious cultural events in the world. Began in 1895 by a group of intellectuals under the guidance of the audacious mayor Riccardo Selvatico, the exhibition, called Biennial due to its falling on alternative years, gradually grew to include all artistic disciplines: from art to architecture, music, dance, theatre and, most recently, cinema. Now in its 53rd year, the Venice Biennial assumes an ever-prevailing role in the evaluation of art, offering incentives, exhibiting, explaining, and stimulating a creative process which precious few are endowed with the ability to nurture and use, they then becoming spokesmen, witnesses and prophets for their era, embodying the spirit of the times with the personal singularity of the artist. Every artwork is thus a cleft in history and individual life, a unique example not necessarily able to be inserted in the museum procedure of distanced contemplation from the visitor, but rather able to evoke a miniature universe in which each spectator can find his or her own place or the answer they are looking for, something which the concept of the finished product can in a certain sense delimit. It is precisely this notion that gives the theme of this edition of the Biennial, entitled Fare Mondi (Creating Worlds): an approaching to the process of creation and to the places in which works are created. The relationship between key artists and successive generations will be examined, as well as an investigation into the use of multimedia installations in painting and design. The focus of the exhibition is thus on creativity rather than on finished works, in the traditional sense. The 53rd edition of the Biennial takes place between 7 June and 22 November, with the inauguration on the 6th June, when 2 Golden Lion career awards will be presented to Yoko Ono and John Baldessari. For the exhibition the Arsenale will be connected to the city by a new bridge: thus the Italian Arsenale Pavilion will become simply Italian Pavilion, whilst the Italian Garden Pavilion will become the Biennial Exhibition Pavilion. The Italian Pavilion will host the exhibition Collaudi curated by Beatrice Buscaroli and Luca Beatrice. In March the Biennial will be presented to the media in a series of press conferences throughout the world.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff