54th Venice Biennale. International Arts Exhibition: ILLUMInations

From 04 June 2011 to 27 November 2011

In 1895 Venice took the decision to promote the first edition of the prestigious Art Biennale, with the idea of establishing a national artistic exhibition to be held every two years: the idea proved to be very successful, to the point that within a short time the event became one of the most important European art exhibitions with the participation of world-renowned modern and contemporary artists.

One of the characteristics making the Biennale such a distinguished event is the fact that the main pieces are displayed in the unique settings, both from a natural and artistic point of view, of the Venice Gardens (Giardini the biggest green area of the city, created after land reclamation works carried out by Napoleon Bonaparte who then made the area accessible to the public. On top of the verdant vegetation of the location where the pieces are displayed, during the 20th century the Giardini acquired an increasing number of monuments (located mainly in the area opposite the canal) and exhibition halls for each resident nation: the range of architectures are with no doubts decisively peculiar due to their shape and have all been designed by influential architects of the 20th century, such as quali Alvar Aalto, Sverre Fehn, James Stirling and the Venice-born Carlo Scarpa.

These awesome natural and historic settings will house the 2011 54th International Venice Art Exhibition with the title ILLUMInations. This edition is directed by Bice Curiger, a renowned art historian as well as an exhibition curator and publishing director of the magazine Tate etc.

The Art Biennale will open its doors to the public on 4 June, and will be accessible until 27 November from 10:00 until 18:00. As usual, it will be housed in the halls of the Gardens and the exhibition area of the Arsenale and other venues in the centre of Venice, where collateral events assembled by the exhibition nations will be arranged. The 89 nations of this years edition represent an unprecedented record of participants for the Art Biennale, to the point that four of the registered artists have erected makeshift additional venues to house the works of the numerous guests.

As evidenced by its director, ILLUMInation will focus on the light sparkled by the encounters with art, lightning experiences and revelations generated by reciprocal communication and intellectual comprehension. Finally, the Biennales President Paolo Baratta adds these words: we welcome illumination as visitors, as art lovers, as individuals and as members of the human community.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 04 June 2011 to 27 November 2011

Event location: Giardini, ArsenaleVenezia

Contacts: promozione@labiennale.org