57th International Festival of Contemporary Music of the Venice Biennale

From 04 October 2013 to 13 October 2013

The new edition of the Biennale Music Venice - Altra voce Altro spazio' will open on October 4th. The Venice Festival 2013 has become one of the most anticipated Venice music events. The Venice, Italy music festival will be opened by two great shows: 'Glorious Percussion' by Sofia Gubaidulina - La Fenice Theatre Orchestra and the Strasbourg Percussions - and the Helicopter String Quartet' by Karlheinz Stockhausen, performed by the exceptional Arditti Quartet amongst the rolls of the rotors of 4 helicopters at 1500 m.

Directed for the second year by Ivan Fedele, the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Venice celebrates its 57th edition this year, an important result which demonstrates the important achievements of the Venice Festival Biennale, even outside of the most famous sector of the visual arts.

The Biennale Musica Venezia 2013 program will be dedicated to voice and space, explored in their various manifestations. The Biennale contemporary music festival will give viewers plenty of surprises and novelties: the audience can listen in 3D thanks to the WFS technology and to 'music of matter with the instruments of Luca Congedo and also to the vocal acrobatics of the Neue Vocalsolisten, Le Cris de Paris and David Moss, not to mention three musical theatre works and several concerts, including some experimentation with electronic voice and videos. The Venice Biennale 2013 music program will be divided between the cornerstones of contemporary music and the new generations who best represent the spirit of our times.

The 2013 International Festival of Contemporary Music of the Biennale will host high calibre artists such as the violinist Francesco D'Orazio and Christophe Desjardins on the viola - along with the younger Michele Marelli, Marco Fusi and Daniele Roccato, and established orchestras like Circuit Court, and the Kairos quartet - and also new formations on the music scene, including Linstant donn and the Maurice Quartet.

Ivan Fedele, the director of the Venice Biennale 2013 Music Festival opens up to the contemporary mixing space and voice - the two references of musical thought in the second half of the twenty-first century - in new and exciting variations. The Biennale Musica in Venice will seek to explore the soul of sound and its different approaches to the space between voice and instruments, electronics, computer science and phonology. An ambitious program of 3 concerts a day has been organized for the Biennale Venezia Musica contemporanea festival: a total of 33 performances - 30 world premieres and over 80 national and international composers. This Venice, Italy music event could not miss the new project that involves all sectors of the music Biennale in Venice: the Biennial College, which is launching a team (composer, librettist, director) for the realization, during the biennale contemporary music festival, of short low budget performances of chamber music theatre.

Moreover, in addition to the established relationships with La Fenice Theatre and its Orchestra, the Padua and Veneto Orchestra and the Academy of Venice, the 57th Biennale of Contemporary Music Festival has further expanded the list of partners and important collaborations, to include Radio France, the Teatro del Maggio Musicale, the Polish Institute of Rome and Court-Circuit.

Do not miss the Music Biennale in Venice 2013: tickets are now on sale! From 4 to 13 October Venice, Italy Music concerts: the 'capital' of contemporary music.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff