68th Cycle of Classical Plays at the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza

Emma Dante presents 'The Flowers of Olympus'

From 18 September 2015 to 30 October 2015


'Flowers of Olympus' is the title chosen by the great director Emma Dante at the teatro Olimpico Vicenza for the 68th Cycle of Classical Plays - Events in Vicenza staged from 18th September to 30th October 2015: the Vicenza theatre schedule offers six intense representations and an interesting drama workshop on the epic poem Odyssey.

The Classics shows at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza - a Palladio theatre and the oldest indoor theatre in the world - have become a regular event: in 2014 the direction of the events passed from the Lithuanian director Eimuntas Nekrosius to Italian Emma Dante, a popular actress, playwright and director who this year has again enthusiastically accepted the prestigious position.

The topics covered in the 68th edition of Classical Plays at the Olympic Palladio Theatre in Vicenza are the overcoming of all barriers and the subsequent exploration of new areas, the charm that always surrounds the unknown and the respect that the theatre deserves, as well as art in general. Following these original guidelines, Emma Dante in Vicenza preferred to stage original artists, in search of new forms of acting, sometimes considered uncomfortable but definitely capable of bringing the theatre inside the theatre: this is 'The Flowers of Olympus', one of the most anticipated Vicenza events in 2015!

On the occasion of this extraordinary event in Vicenza, at the Teatro Palladio in Vicenza there are many shows: here is the full Vicenza theatre schedule of the 68th edition of Classical Plays.

The new work of Angelica Liddell entitled 'First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. Cantata BWV 4 Christ lag in Todesbanden. Oh, Charles!' will open the festival in the beautiful location of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. The show, which debuted in March at the Théâtre Vidy in Lausanne and is now being premiered on 18th and 19th September, is the third part of the cycle of Resurrections and follows 'You are my destiny' and 'Tandy'.

Eclectic Angelica Liddell is one of the most popular contemporary artists in Europe: physical, strong, violent and sometimes overly emphatic, she turns every show into a kind of purification from the evils of the world. Do not miss this great event, great theatre in Vicenza in 2015 is waiting for you!

At the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy the program of the Cycle of Classical 2015 will continue with an unmissable theatre workshop led by Emma Dante entitled 'Festa di nozze molto bramata regina ci prepara!', inspired by the first book of the Odyssey: under the spotlight will be the suitors and the maidservants, the two small communities that lived in the Palace of Ithaca during the absence of Ulysses. The theatre workshop at the Olimpico in Vicenza will be held from 19th to 25th September and will be a truly unique opportunity to work alongside the talented Emma Dante.


The Classical Plays in Vicenza - 2015 Edition are really varied: on 26th and 27th September it will be the turn of the students of the Palermo School of Arts and Performing directed by Emma Dante, who will present 'Odyssey - movement No.1'. The text is based mainly on the agonizing wait for the return home of Odysseus, who for 20 years has been struggling for the conquest of Troy: his wife Penelope eagerly awaits him, the suitors have taken possession of the Palace of Ithaca and his son Telemachus realizes to have become now an adult. The show, adapted freely from the famous epic poem, is a clear metaphor of the journey that accompanies every human being towards knowledge.

The program at the Teatro del Palladio in Vicenza will continue on 2nd and 3rd October with the premiere of another exciting show, 'Primal Matter', directed by Greek Dimitris Papaioannou, choreographer, visual artist, designer and performer. Considered a guru of contemporary dance in his country, Papaioannou in 2004 choreographed the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Athens, which made him famous internationally.

Inserted within the program 'Flowers of The Olympus' at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Palladio, 'Primal Matter' is a show for two dancers of great aesthetic and emotional impact: two men will be on stage, one naked and one dressed, who during the performance will dance together thanks to spectacular optical illusions, creating a battle that represents the wounded identity of Greece as opposed to the great creative resistance. Among the shows at the Teatro Olimpico Palladio in Vicenza in 2015, 'Primal Matter' is certainly the most touching and choreographic ... highly recommended!

Another unmissable event of the 68th edition of Classical Plays at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy is 'Eumenides' by Aeschylus in the translated version by Pier Paolo Pasolini, staged by director and actor Vincenzo Perrotta on 9th and 10th October 2015. The show tells the tragic story of Orestes, who, after killing his mother Clytemnestra, flees chased by the merciless Furies; helped by Apollo, he arrives in front of the goddess Athena that puts him under trial and pardons him. Pirrotta has the unique skill of knowing how to represent the current Greek tragedy: while interpreting it with the ancient art of the archaic storytelling in Sicilian dialect, the actor will talk about justice and dramas that we see taking place daily but that too often we decide to ignore.

The 2015 shows of the new round of Classical Plays at the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza will continue with a performance directed by Davide Iodice, 'Orpheus and Eurydice', written by Valeria Parrella and starring Michele Riondino and Isabella Ragonese.

The show tells the tormented love story between Orpheus and the beautiful wife Eurydice who sadly died from the bite of a poisonous snake. The young man strongly believes he can defeat death and return to his disappeared wife but, unfortunately, this will not be so and he will have to surrender to an eternal sleep. Passion and pain in one of the most poignant events theatre in Vicenza, staged on 16th and 17th October 2015.

The Vicenza running events at the Palladio Teatro in Vicenza inside the 2015 programme of Classical Plays will end with 'Palamedes, the hero deleted', staged on 28th to 30th October. The show, directed and performed by the eclectic director Alessandro Baricco, currently working in the field of music, film and television, tells the story of the unfortunate Palamede, unfairly sentenced to death and despised to the point of not being mentioned even once in the opera of Homer. Proving that even the losers possess their vitality, the vicissitude of Palamedes has survived thanks to some less well-known stories and the new edition of Classical Plays at the Andrea Palladio Teatro in Vicenza is pleased to present it!

Tickets for the 68th Cycle of Classical Plays can be purchased at the ticket office of the Teatro Comunale, in all branches of Bank of Vicenza, online or at the ticket office of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza opening hours.

It is worth spending a few words on the beautiful location that features all of these shows: the magnificent Olympic Theatre in Vicenza. Designed in 1580 by architect Andrea Palladio, it was inaugurated in 1585, after the construction of the famous 'fixed scenes' realized by Vincenzo Scamozzi and preserved to this day in excellent condition. The uniqueness and beauty of the Olympic Theatre, led UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage Site in 1994, along with other masterpieces by Palladio.

From 18th to September to 30th October 2015 do not miss the 68th Cycle of Classical Plays: a storybook atmosphere, the 2015 season at the Palladio Teatro Showtimes awaits you with a lot of great events! Book one of our hotels in Vicenza and discover with us the most important works by Palladio and the other beauties of the city!



Dates: from 18th September to 30th October 2015

Location: Teatro Olimpico - Piazza Matteotti, 11 - Vicenza

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 18 September 2015 to 30 October 2015

Event location: Vicenza

Contacts: Vicenza theatre schedule, tickets and info shows at the site www.teatrolimpicovicenza.it

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