6th Lago Film Fest

From 23 July 2010 to 01 August 2010

If you are looking for the best open-air cinema then head to Revine di Lago, where the dream known as Lago Film Fest is enacted every year in July, when spectators sit by the shore and watch films projected on a screen on top of the water: a magical dialogue between nature and cinema sealed by summer with its fantastic night skye and its stars. The unique location coupled with a list of international short films, documentaries and screenplays that grows year on year, have contributed to making this festival an exclusive one in the world of cinema and turning it into a noteworthy cultural exchange amongst cinema experts, enthusiasts and creative artists as well as those approaching this subject by chance. The festival is indeed addressed to everybody and not just a niche of followers, so much so that the sixth edition will expand its boundaries even further to offer a list of events particularly rich with guests from cinema, showbiz and music performances as a backdrop to the many prizes that will be handed out (Rodolfo Sonego Award, Award for the Best Narrated Subject, Unicef Award, New Signs Award, Animation Award, Veneto Region Award, Limno Award and Sui Generis Award). There will be many events taking place during the nine day 2010 edition, such as the Kimuak, a selection of Basque productions, as well as many participating institutions, amongst them: CSC (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production) from the Italian Cinema School, the Milan Film Festival and the Ferrara Buskers Festival that will join the evening event on 26th July with the I Comaneci. In addition to all this there will also be seminars, workshops and hands-on sessions dealing with cinema, music, arts and architecture. The Lago Film Fest will also hand out several prizes in support of creativity, one of them being named the 18 eyes, open to graphics experts, illustrators, photographers and video reporters.

The Lago Film Fest will take place from 23rd to 31st July in the magical hamlet of Borgo di Revince and will end with a special closing evening on August 1st at the CastelBrando Teatro Tenda in Cison di Valmarino, when the jury president Antonio Rezza, author of cinema and contemporary theatre, will represent his show Pitecus, co-authored with Flavia Mastrella.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 23 July 2010 to 01 August 2010

Event location: Revine di Lago (TV)

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