In the Province of Venice a fascinating exhibition to discover the ancient art of Murrina in Murano and Altino

From 09 June 2012 to 06 January 2013

From 9 June 2012 to 6 January 2013 a fascinating exhibition on the treasured art of murrina: Murrino Glass in Altino and Murano.

As suggested by the title, the exhibition will be hosted in two separate venues, the Archaeological Museum in Altino and the Glass Museum in Murano, to present, at its best, the theme of the exhibition: the making of murrina from Roman times (with finds from the Veneto area) to present day glass making in Murano.

Located in the small city of Altino, in the province of Venice, and surrounded by a vast archaeological area, the Archaeological Museum of Altino houses precious findings of the ancient city and necropolis of Altino. During the exhibition on the ancient glass making of murrina, the Museum of Altino will showcase findings and glass fragments dating back to the Roman times, originating from the excavation site in Altino and additional sites supervised by the Veneto Archaeological Authority, glass works of particular interest made by Murrine artists.

The Glass Museum is located in Murano, an enchanting island in the Venice lagoon and known throughout the world for its extraordinary glass making. The Glass Museum houses the most comprehensive glass displays in Murano, with an archaeological section and more recent artifacts, including some masterpieces known and appreciated around the world. During the murrina exhibition the Museum of Murano will display precious murrina works from the 19th century, recovered after centuries by the glass makers of Murano and following several studies on the archaeological findings kept in the Glass Museum. Besides these fascinating glass works in Murano, there will be glass masterpieces from many other important collections.

The art of murrina, revived and enhanced by the expert Murano glass makers in the 19thcentury, has achieved international recognition during the Universal Paris Exhibition in 1878. Murrina making has continued throughout the 20th and 21st centuries with extraordinary glass masterpieces produced by various artists, amongst them Vittorio Zecchin, Teodoro Wolf-Ferrari, Carlo Scarpa and Riccardo Licata.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff