International Exhibition of Childrens book Illustrations: The Images of Imagination return to Sarmede Italy for young and old alike!

From 28 October 2012 to 20 January 2013

Now in its 30th edition, the International Exhibition of Childrens book illustrations has now gained the right place for big events in Sarmede, Treviso, Italy thanks to the growing interest and appreciation shown by the public year after year.

From 28 October 2012 Images of Imagination propose a rich calendar of discussions, workshops, exhibitions and events to celebrate this important milestone reached by the mostra dell'illustrazione per l'infanzia di Sarmede.

Initiated in 1982 from an idea of the Prague born illustrator Stepan Zavrel, The Images of Imagination showcases the languages of contemporary illustration emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual artist. In all its editions, the Sarmede mostra dell'illustrazione per l'infanzia offers a sweeping view of the illustration on the international level, presenting the latest and most unique productions of contemporary illustration.

The creator of the show, Stepan Zavrel in Sarmede, has also started a charming tradition that has deeply marked the appearance of Sarmede: since the 80s, this picturesque town of the March of Treviso has seen its walls become veritable works of art in the balance between dream and reality. After the death of Stepan Zavrel the tradition of murals has been carried out by many artists and now boasts 50 frescoes that make the city of Sarmede unique in its kind.

One of the strengths of the Sarmede festival is to stimulate the culture and the importance of the pedagogical value of the book. Since 1991 the exhibition Images of Imagination travels through Europe while since 1988, the Sarmede international school of Illustration favours precious moments of encounter and exchange between the cultural background of teachers and new ideas from children's book illustrators.

The Sarmede mostra illustrazione of 2012 also has other great news: The House of the imagination, a multipurpose space that will house permanent workshops and courses in illustration, exhibitions, meetings and activities to promote awareness and dissemination of this fascinating branch of contemporary illustration.

The main theme of Images of Fantasia 2012 will be 30x2, 60 illustrators in the section devoted to the illustration of books published in the last period, and will continue until 20 January 2013, with a break from December 24 to January 4. The Mostra dellIllustrazione per linfanzia di Sarmede will offer visitors a vast selection on picture books: over 350 illustrations, 100 illustrators and 50 students of the International School of Illustration. The special sections of The Pictures of Fantasia in Sarmede will include Roberto Innocenti, guest of honor, Tales from Russia - the forest of Baba Yaga, "How is a picture book started" showing how Andr Neves works and numerous prestigious critical interventions.

Do not miss this historic event dedicated to illustrations for children! An exhibition which takes children and adults on a fantastic journey of fantasy illustrations from around the world. Discover all the events related to The Picture of Fantasia 2012 spending a few days in this picturesque location of the March of Treviso! Book online your hotel in Treviso and immerse yourself in the magical world of illustration for children.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 28 October 2012 to 20 January 2013

Event location: Sarmede (Treviso)

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