International Organ Festival City of Treviso and the March of Treviso

From 11 September 2010 to 17 October 2010

The March of Treviso is dotted with abbeys, shrines and churches that house ancient organs of great beauty - unique masterpieces that stand as testimony of the old Venetian school of organ makers but also of many other renowned craftsmen who were specifically asked to carry out their profession in these beautiful sites.

As it can be expected, after years of service, many of these instruments need thorough restoration to safeguard their technical functioning and the tone qualities of their sound. This is testimony of the willingness of the people in this area to preserve the local heritage, which in this case includes artefacts that are integral part of the religious communities.

This particular sensitivity has lead to the birth of an international organ festival that every year, from September to October, brings together in the most beautiful churches of Treviso and its province the best organ music performers. The same city of Treviso has promoted the founding of the ECHO Association (Europae Civitates Historicorum Organorum that has been joined by other cities that house prestigious organ festivals (Bruxelles, Lisbona, Tolosa, Saragozza, Innsbruck, Gteborg, Freiberg, Alkmaar, Umago, Friburgo and Trondheim). Furthermore, Treviso, together with the city of Pesaro, has created the European Project Hydraulis (from the name of the first organ) to enhance the historic organ heritage of those areas along the coast of Italy that were once under the cultural supremacy of the Venetian Republic. Entrance to the events of the International Organ Festival City of Treviso and the March of Treviso is free, and on each weekend from the second weekend of September to the third of October there will be important players, these are: Aude Heurtematte, Christophe Mantoux, Roberto Velasco, Kristian Olesen, Peter Waldner, Room Group "L'Ape Musicale", Saki Aoki (Japan) (Grand Prix dinterpretation, Prix du Public, Prix Gaston Litaize Chartres 2008 Magdalena Malec e Magdalena Hasibeder, Kay Johanssen, Jean Jaquenod + with Gregorian choir, Antonia Nardone, Esteban Elizondo, Gilles Leyers (ECHO Young Organist of the Year 2009 Martin Boecker, Nicola Cittadin and Wolfgang Zerer.

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Period: From 11 September 2010 to 17 October 2010

Event location: March of Treviso

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