Io Sono Danza 2012/2013: great shows at the Teatro Toniolo in Mestre

From 01 December 2012 to 11 May 2013

At the Toniolo Theatre in Mestre (Venice) one of the most anticipated dance events returns in Venice: Io Sono Danza, the fascinating international exhibition of original dance which, for several years, has been at the Toniolo Theater in Mestre, a program that is every bit as good as those of the largest theatres in Italy.

Entitled 'Towards the Universe', Io Sono Danza is just one of several proposals of the season at the Toniolo Theatre in Mestre 2012/2013, which also includes music and theatre.

Prestigious names on the international scene, such as Daniel Ezralow Dance Company and the New Classical Ballet of Moscow, will be the protagonists of the most fascinating dance show in Venice for the next season.

Io Sono Danza: 01.12.12 at 9pm Open - Daniel Ezralow Dance CompanyAt the Toniolo Theatre the dance show will commence with Open, the new extraordinary spectacle of American choreographer Daniel Ezralow in Italy who returns after an absence of four years. Classical music and fascinating choreography of contemporary dance together in an extraordinary spectacle of fantasy, humour and pure entertainment. Eight dancers, with different styles and qualities, interpret suggestive choreography by Daniel Ezralow in shows where fun, surprise and visual technology create a compelling and exciting dance that captivates the audience's attention from start to finish with provocations and questions of humanity and dance, classical ideas, which Daniel Ezralow explores in almost all of his work.

Io Sono Danza: 29.12.12 at 9pm and 30.12.12 at 4.30pmIl lago dei cigni - New Classical Ballet of MoscowThe Toniolo theater of dance in Mestre continues with the Russian company New Classical Ballet of Moscow to perform the timeless 'Swan Lake'. Founded with the purpose of safeguarding the ancient tradition of Russian classical ballet, the New Classical Ballet of Moscow combines various Russian choreographic versions that have distinguished themselves over time. A private company consisting of dancers from the most prestigious dance academies in Russia, the New Classical Ballet of Moscow also boasts collaborations with toile, one of the largest theatres in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Io Sono Danza: 29.01.13 at 9pmAlchemy MomixAt the Toniolo Theatre in Mestre, the Momix tour Italia 2012 is now eagerly anticipated and even more appealing. For the 2012/2013 dance festival Moses Pendleton presents a preview of his new creation for Momix, 'Alchemy'. A dance between mystery, fantasy and humour that will transport the audience into the fascinating world of alchemy through the secrets of the four elements, earth, air, fire, water. After several Italian dates, the Momix Dance Company arrives in Venice at the Toniolo Theatre to share the magic of illusion.

Io Sono Danza: 06.04.13 at 9pmNoche Tanguer Naturalis Labor CompanyA Latin flavour dance performance by the Naturalis Labour Company with 'Noche Tanguera' that will bring to Mestre an exceptional blend of tango and contemporary dance. Desire and seduction woven in drama and fascinating scenery in a night of tango and passion and between humorous notes and surprises. Alongside the dancers of the Naturalis Labour Company, the only professional company of tango in Italy, the magic of live music with the Lumire de Tango Trio (piano, bandoneon and flute).

Io Sono Danza: 11.05.13 at 9pm Terramara Abbondanza and Bertoni CompanyThe fourth work by the Project RIC.

CI / Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography Years '80 / '90, 'Terramara' was created in 1991 by the intelligence of the Abbondanza and Bertoni Company, a duo born in 1988. For representation at the Toniolo Theatre, the original program will undergo a modern take while retaining the tone of the first version: played by two young Venetian dancers, led by the original choreographers, this engaging dance show will bring back on the stage a tangle of Sicilian, Indian, Hungarian and Romanian music, to discover the different aspects of the man-woman relationship through time and the complicated plots that are created.

To further enrich the performances of Io Sono Danza numerous related events such as performances of video dance, comments to dance and performances by emerging artists.

Immerse yourself in the magic of dance at the Toniolo Theatre! Io Sono Danza with some of the major ballet companies in the world will give life to the most important dance events in Venice in the 2012/2013 season. Book your accommodation in Venice-Mestre and treat yourself to unforgettable evening of dance!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 01 December 2012 to 11 May 2013

Event location: Teatro Toniolo - P.tta Cesare Battisti, Mestre - Venice

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