'Ippolito Caffi 1809 - 1866. Between Venice and the Orient' at the Museo Correr

The greatest visionary landscape painter of the 19th century, 150 years after his death

From 28 May 2016 to 08 January 2017


From 28 May to 8 January 2017 the Correr Museum - Venice Exhibitions 2016 hosts 'Ippolito Caffi, 1809-1866. Between Venice and the Orient' a fascinating retrospective dedicated to the most visionary and original landscape painter of the 19th century.

The Museo Correr exhibition in Venice, is organized on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Caffi's death in 1866, the very year of the annexation of Venice and Veneto to the Kingdom of Italy ... Ippolito Caffi artist, great patriot, died shortly before this historic date in the battle of Lissa, because of the sinking of King of Italy on which he had embarked to follow and document first-hand the events of the third war of independence.

The Correr Museum exhibition displays a part of Ippolito Caffi's paintings belonging to the Venice Civic Museums Foundation which, in addition to the 150 works selected for the Museo Correr Venice Caffi Exhibit 'Ippolito Caffi, 1809-1866, between Venice and the East', can boast nearly as many loose drawings and twenty-three albums ... the Caffi's Correr Museum exhibit will see this great treasure exposed after over fifty years of neglect in the deposits of Ca 'Pesaro! The entire fund was donated in 1889 by the artist's widow to Venice, Caffi's adopted home and the city that he perhaps deeply loved, fighting for its freedom and representing it in paintings of poignant beauty that bring to light a mastery and capabilities that have no equal in the 19th century.

Originally from Belluno, but Venetian by adoption, Ippolito Caffi has been called an exceptional painter and reporter capable of observing and documenting the reality merging Canaletto's attentive eye to a very personal artistic sensibility.

With a restless mind, a dreamer and patriot, Caffi travelled extensively throughout his life, visiting places often deemed dangerous and inaccessible. In the early years of his long pilgrimage, Ippolito Caffi perfected the technique that will accompany him throughout his life as an artist: the artist used to create, on the site, the first en-plan-air draft (small models, drawings or notes) that he then elaborated in the studio in several steps... the Correr Museum Venice Italy exhibition 2016 will also give space to some of these sketches, which are the first and most instinctive version of a subject repeated over time.

'Ippolito Caffi - Between Venice and the East' is a tribute to the most original and innovative landscape painter of his time ... No one like him has been able to transfer into painting the soul of places and people he encountered during his many trips: Ippolito Caffi's paintings on show in Venice are a valuable record of the areas visited by the painter in Italy, Europe and in the Mediterranean basin; to date, they represent the most complete existing collection on the artistic life of a 19th century painter.

A tireless traveller, arising from personal restlessness or simple curiosity, Caffi explored very different environments that stimulated his artistic and personal growth. The Caffi exhibition at Correr Museum Venice Italy presents this long and fascinating travelling between Rome, Naples, Venice and the Middle East, personal travels or destinations chosen because of his patriotic activism: monuments, urban spaces, architectures, social life and snapshots that can to transmit a vivid and realistic picture of much of the 19th century, represented in a thorough as well as poetic and personal way. What emerges is an astonishing modernity, which elevates Caffi above the standards of his time.

Compared to Canaletto for his undoubted perspective skills, Ippolito Caffi actually 'exceeds' the great eighteenth-century master bringing the genre of landscape painting on to a contemporary level thanks to his ability to represent the air in painting and a thorough study on the effects of light. The light emanating from the Caffi's paintings is pure emotion, only the artist's sensitivity is highlighted, translated into painting through a careful analysis of the environmental nuances and the elements that make up the painting ... This makes his paintings much appreciated and touching, a perfect harmony between natural and artificial light, chiaroscuros that go beyond the traditional concept of landscape painting, and fit into a more modern and picturesque perspective.

The journey to the East, started in 1843, represents a stage of fundamental importance for the human and artistic growth of Ippolito Caffi, in particular for the rendering of light. Travelling though Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Nubia, Syria, Armenia and Palestine, he came into contact with a new awareness of light and its reflections, managing to convey in his works that 'hot bouncing and glimmering against pure white marble and boundless sandy stretches, where the horizon is lost to infinity '.

The Correr museum Venice exhibition pays tribute to the artist who has been called the 19th century most innovative landscape painter as well as a great patriot who led a life that could be described only in a passionate novel, between art and politics.

The Caffi exhibition at the Correr Museum Venice Italy, curated by Annalisa Scarpa, one of the greatest scholars of the painter, is promoted by MUVE Foundation, Civita Tre Venezie and Global Village International.


Ippolito Caffi at the Correr Museum

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From 1 November 2016

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Period: From 28 May 2016 to 08 January 2017

Event location: Correr Museum, Venice

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