Italian Iceskating Championship

From 19 March 2010 to 21 March 2010

The organisation for his years national iceskating championship has been delgated to theSkating Club Don Bosco di Mareno di Piave, whose results during the previous seasons (including European Champions in the cadet quartet category) have propelled the club into the international limelight. The club is one of the largest in all Italy, boasting 132 members.

This means that for the first time Conelgliano becomes host to this prestigious event, held at the Zoppas Arena over three days, from 19 21 March 2010.

More than 2000 skaters will take part in the event, athletes of international standard, competing in several categories: quartets (4 atheltes small groups (6-12 large groups (16 -30 cadet groups (8 -16 and synchronised events for both juniors and seniors (12 24 participants).

The event gives all, both fans and newcomers cuiros about the sport, a chane to witness at close-quarters the fascinating and exciting world of skating, with its beauty, grace and athleticism.

More than 200 clubs will be there, represented not only by skaters, but trainers, coaches and relatives, as well as a large audience of fans eager to enjoy the proceedings. A total of 21 separate competitions will be held in 7 types of competition. Around 6000 spectators are expected over the three-day event. There are 30 hotels in the area to host guests and competitors.

The competition will also be shown live on RAI SPORT (the entire three days events) and Sky TV (Sunday 21st March).

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 19 March 2010 to 21 March 2010

Event location: Zoppas Arena, Conegliano, Treviso